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Alexis-Julian-story-GH-aBC At Charlie’s, Molly looks at her phone and screams. She alerts her mother to a news story from the Intruder about her and Julian that just dropped with the headline “Con-Job!” Julian immediately calls Scotty to try and have the story pulled. However, it’s too late, and the news story hits the TV. Molly reads the story, which details Alexis’ part in getting Julian released from prison. Molly asks her mom to speak out and deny the article. Alexis says much of the article is false, but her part in Julian’s release is not.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia’s phone buzzes and she sees the story about Alexis and Julian. Monica and Michael walk in, having just come from voting. Ned thinks his chances of winning just got better. Michael reads the story, which goes on to claim Alexis is against the redevelopment of Charles Street to protect Julian’s business and organized crime. Monica doesn’t believe it for one minute, but Olivia fumes over Alexis helping Julian get released. Later, Nelle drops by, thanks to an invite from Monica to gather with the family for the election results.

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Franco-kevin-memory-GH-ABC At the hospital, Liz runs into Kim on her way to out to Charlie’s for the election results. Kim is going to the Quartermaines with Oscar for them. Elsewhere, Franco meets with Kevin and continues to dwell on the fact that he is a potential child killer. Kevin reminds him he doesn’t know what happened to Drew, and he wonders why he thinks the worst of himself. He asks Franco to think back to when he was Bobby and what he remembers about Andy. Franco remembers they played hide and seek, and he has a memory of locking Andy in a chest he used to hide in. Franco freaks out, and Kevin urges him to tell him what he remembered rather than holding it in. Franco refuses, thinking it’s better not to open the box sometimes, and rushes off.

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Alexis-story-GH-ABC Liz arrives at Charlie’s where Alexis explains why she helped Julian. Stella thinks she only set a wrong right and plans to tell this to everyone at the polls as damage control. Later, Jim Harvey arrives, and Julian subtly accuses him of having something to do with the Intruder story. Drew takes Curtis aside and points Jim out. He reveals Jim knew him and Franco when they were kids because he dated Betsy, and he doesn’t think it is a coincidence he’s back in town. He’s also noticed Franco has been on edge since Jim came to town. Drew asks Curtis to try and find Betsy because she may have answers about Jim. Outside, Alexis is sure she’s going to lose, and Finn comforts her.

Julian-slams-Ned-GH-ABC Back at the Quartermaines, Kim and Oscar arrive, and through Olivia’s ranting about Julian she learns that he is Leo’s father. The doorbell rings, and Ned answers assuming it is reporters. Julian storms in and throws him against the wall. He accuses him of leaking the story, but Ned swears he didn’t do it. Michael orders Julian to get out or they’ll call the police, and Olivia notes he’ll go back to jail and never see Leo again. Kim begs Julian to back off and go. The family leaves Kim to talk to Julian in the foyer alone. He explains he’s been trying to change, but the article proves he’s trapped by his past and he worries anyone who gets close to him will be as well. She gets the hint but offers to leave with him. Back in the living room, the news announces Ned has won the election. Everyone congratulates him, and Nelle tells Michael how proud she is to be a part of his family. She hugs him, and he rolls his eyes. Later, Ned gives an acceptance speech to the press, which includes his plan to revitalize Charles Street.

Sam-Drew-Liz-election-GH-ABC Franco arrives at Charlie’s and runs into Jim as he’s leaving. Jim gleefully reveals it seems he may be sticking around Port Charles after all. Drew and Liz see Franco is upset, and Drew asks what is wrong with him. Meanwhile, Kim brings Julian back to his bar, but he thinks he’s only making things worse by being here. She reminds him this is his place and makes him a drink. Quietly, everyone watches Ned’s acceptance speech on TV, and then tell Alexis how sorry they are. Alexis sees Julian with Kim and asks Finn to get her out of there. Outside, Curtis bumps into Jim and warns him to watch his step because his aunt was recently mugged out here. Jim asks Curtis how he knows Andy. Curtis retorts that his name is Drew, and he walks off. Jim lights a fancy cigar.

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