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A tortured Peter brings flowers to Nathan’s grave and tells him how much he wants to make amends. Maxie interrupts to say he’s done enough. She thanks him for saving her. The widow keeps coming back to feel closer to Nathan, but it doesn’t work. She thanks Peter for not trying to make her feel better or uttering platitudes. He offers to take her home.

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Curtis walks into Charlie’s to tell Julian that the streets are filled with people voting for the new mayor. Molly strides in to order a ‘Julian’s girlfriend coffee’. Julian explains to Curtis that he’s been seeing a new woman. Jordan joins them and happily chats with Curtis about the election. Julian takes out the trash and finds Alexis practicing her speeches in the alley. He tells her what an amazing job she’s done and how proud he is of her. He’s sure that she will be mayor. When he goes back inside, Curtis tells him and Jordan about how Roger was paid to mug Stella. They puzzle over this and assume that someone is trying to fix the election.

Drew listens to Faison's will again-GH-ABCIn the Aurora office, Sam and Anna assure Jason and Drew that Faison’s promise to them in his will is just a ploy to make them destroy each other. Jason has Diane read over the will again. Faison promised Drew the key to get his memories back and Jason the key to finding Henrik. Each can only receive this when the other dies. They debate whether or not this is just a game. Drew thinks this is pointless and wants to leave. Diane continues with the will, giving Anna a statuette of the Norse goddess Freya that Faison bequeathed to her. Anna doesn’t want it. Diane explains that the remainder of the estate was left to Faison’s son. It doesn’t specify which son. Anna is eager to talk to Maxie about making a bid for the estate. After the others leave, Drew vents to Sam. She tells him he can’t kill his brother. She’s sure that he and Jason are too smart to play Faison’s game.

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Sonny watches Griffin test Mike-GH-ABCAt the hospital, Sonny sits in while Griffin gives Mike some tests. Mike mistakes a picture of a rhino for a cow and his son becomes concerned. When Griffin walks off to get something, Mike tells his son how pointless these tests are. The doctor returns and wants to run a CT scan. Mike is eager to leave but his son urges him to finish this today. Sonny follows Griffin out and questions him in the hall. Dr. Monroe admits there is reason to worry about Mike’s cognitive abilities. As they discuss the possibilities, Mike comes out and hands Sonny the watch that his wife gave him. He tells Sonny how wonderful she was and goes down the hall for the scan. Jason arrives and checks in with Sonny about Mike. Sonny tells him how hard it was for him to come to terms with his father. He doesn’t know if he can be the son he needs him to be. Jason tells him about the reading of the will. They guess Henrik will surface to claim the inheritance.

Ned and Olivia return to the Quartermaine estate. He can’t believe that he’s still in a dead heat with Alexis and thinks he might lose. As he practices his speeches, Jim arrives to assure him that the election is far from decided. After Jim has a drink, he exits. He calls someone and orders them to, “Run it.” Back inside, Ned tells Olivia he couldn’t have done this without her. She’s confident that he will get the chance to make people’s lives better. Olivia gasps when she gets a message on her phone.

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Back at Charlie’s, Alexis and Molly are horrified when they discover that a story about Alexis and Julian has been leaked to the press.

Peter takes Maxie home and she invites him in. He sighs as he looks at the pictures of Nathan everywhere. She tries to put together what happened when her husband was killed. Maxie thanks him for being easy to talk to and hopes he can tell her baby how brave Nathan was. Anna arrives with a gift from Robin. Peter excuses himself and Anna tells Maxie about what was in the will. Adamantly, Maxie insists she doesn’t want Faison’s blood money.

Peter goes to the Aurora office and informs Drew and Sam that he’s not ready to leave Port Charles.

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