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Monica interrupts Nelle at the gallery as she plays the recording she used on Carly. Nelle jumps and slams shut her laptop. Monica asks Nelle to lunch, but she has to work. Monica wonders what she was doing when she walked in. Nelle explains she was looking for things for the baby bemoaning how expensive everything is. Monica thinks that’s what baby showers are for. Nelle doesn’t have any friends and doesn’t think Carly will throw her one. Monica doesn’t think Carly would be that petty. Nelle plays up Dr. Nero’s warnings about stress, which she blames on Carly. She tears up explaining how awful Michael’s mother has been to her. Monica hugs her, as Nelle smirks. Monica thinks Carly will do everything she can for the baby, but tells Nelle to call her if she gets out of line.

sonny-tries-to-help-mike-gh-abcAt the hospital, Mike thinks Sonny is overreacting about his behavior. He chalks it up to being over tired. Sonny gives him permission to say “I told you so” if he gets the all clear. When they meet with Dr. Bensch, Mike tries to play off his forgetful behavior, as Sonny hovers. Bensch orders a battery of tests so he can rule out anything serious. He leaves a nervous Mike, who wants to leave. Sonny assures him it will be over before he knows it.

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At Carly’s, Jason talks about Danny spending the night at his place, which leads to a rehash on the Sam issue. Diane comes to the door. She sees Jason and demands to know why he’s avoiding her calls. Diane explains to Carly Jason is a beneficiary to Faison’s will and he should go with her to the reading. Jason doesn’t want anything from Faison. He won’t go unless Henrik will be in that room as well. Diane says he wasn’t listed as a beneficiary. Carly encourages him to go and then steps away to take a call from Sonny, who updates her on Mike. After they hang up, Carly looks at the unknown number she got a call from earlier. Once alone, Monica stops by to see Carly. She gets in a few digs about Sonny killing AJ before ordering Carly to back off Nelle. She knows Nelle isn’t innocent, but thinks Carly should be the bigger person. Carly orders Monica out. Monica tells her she’s throwing Nelle a baby shower and expects her complete cooperation.

sam-jason-at-faisons-will-reading-gh-abcAnna is led into an office for Faison’s will reading. Sam and Drew join her, as he was named a beneficiary as well. Diane enters with Jason, which causes tension. Diane reads that Faison has left Drew a way to restore his memories and Jason information on Henrik. They will only receive it upon the death of the other.

ava-takes-care-of-kiki-gh-abcGriffin calls Ava, who is still at Kiki’s. She ignores it, so Griffin leaves a message that he wants to talk about their botched Valentine’s Day. A hungover Kiki walks out and lies on the couch. Ava plays nurse maid as Kiki bemoans what happened with Dillon and the fact that she has to go to work.

griffin-wants-ava-to-open-up-gh-abcAva brings Kiki to GH and runs into Griffin. She tries to avoid him, but Griffin wants to talk about the previous night. She continues to pull away, which Griffin notes. He urges her to talk to him. Bensch interrupts for a consult, allowing Ava to make her escape. Bensch brings Sonny in to talk with Griffin. Sonny expresses his disdain for the former priest but allows him to stay on Mike’s case. Griffin questions him about Mike’s behavior and says he wants to have a one on one with Mike. They head back to Mike, who doesn’t want any more tests. He starts to leave, but Sonny implores his father to do this for him. Mike relents and answers several questions from Griffin. He does fine until Griffin asks him to recall three words he gave him earlier in the session. Mike can’t remember them.

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Dr. Bensch finds Kiki working in the halls at GH. He congratulates her on getting into med school. He thinks her boyfriend will need to be understanding, but Kiki tells him they broke up. He’s sorry, but Kiki assures him she’s fine and warns that he’ll get sick of seeing her there. He’s good with that.

Ava walks into work. She and Nelle discuss her doubts over Griffin, as well as Nelle’s plan for Carly. Nelle promises Ava will have complete deniability while assuring her Carly will get what’s coming to her.

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