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Spinelli brings a drunk Kiki back to her home, where she plants a kiss on him. He stops her, and she suddenly begins to feel the booze and collapses on the couch.

Sonny-Michael-talk-Mike-GH-ABC At GH, Amy apologizes to Griffin for what she said about Ava. She takes a call from Spinelli, who fears Kiki may be suffering from alcohol poisoning. Amy informs Griffin, so he decides to check in on Kiki on the way to Ava’s. In the halls, Sonny bumps into Michael and tells him that he’s worried about Mike. Elsewhere, Alexis runs into Finn and shares her dilemma. She is supposed to appear at Julian’s bar tomorrow for the election results, and she doesn’t like the idea she may get bad news in a bar where Julian works. Finn offers to go with her.

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Ava-Valentines-Day-GH-ABC At her place, Ava sets a romantic scene for her evening with Griffin. She practices telling Griffin that she loves him. When Griffin doesn’t turn up, she calls the hospital and is told by Amy that Griffin should be at her daughter’s apartment by now.

Carly-phone-call-GH-ABCAt home, Carly gets a mysterious call from a muffled voice that says, “I’m here,” and then they hang up. Later, Diane drops to get Sonny to sign some papers for a trust he’s setting up for Avery. Carly asks Diane for some advice. She’s concerned that Nelle could try and keep her and Sonny from the baby. Diane advises her to let Michael solve the problem of Nelle, and reminds her Michael is capable because he was able to get custody of Avery. Diane heads out to meet Max for Valentine’s day.

Nelle runs away from the phone booth at the side of the road after calling Carly.

Andre-in-Prison-GH-ABC Anna visits Andre in prison because she needs to talk to a friend. She confesses about her child with Faison. She admits she was getting close to someone, but now this secret is back, and she can’t see letting anyone into her life now. Andre urges that if she cares for this man then tell him the truth.

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Nelle goes to Kelly’s and orders a decaf, and Mike pours her a cup. The waitress returns and tells Mike he can’t be behind the counter because only staff can serve customers. Mike becomes upset and drops a coffee pot, so the waitress decides to call the cops. A police officer arrives, and Mike insists to the officer that he runs this place. The cop asks for some ID, and Mike fumbles with his wallet and drops it. As he argues with the cop, Nelle picks it up.

drunk-Kiki-Griffin-GH-ABC Griffin arrives at Kiki’s place and relieves Spinelli of drunk watch. He thinks Kiki should get in bed, so she struggles to undress. Ava walks in and wonders what is going on. She quickly learns that Kiki is drunk and helps her daughter to bed. After, Ava lashes out at Griffin for once again riding to the rescue of someone else and not putting her first, especially tonight when she was going to… Ava stops herself, and he apologizes for not keeping her in the loop about Kiki. He suggests they go back to her place, but Ava decides to stay and look after Kiki.

Back at GH, Michael receives a call from Nelle, who suggests he get down to Kelly’s. Elsewhere, Alexis asks Finn how to introduce him tomorrow night, and they settle on her sobriety-buddy-date. Alexis suggests they go grab a bite to eat.

confused-Mike-GH-ABC Sonny and Michael arrive at Kelly’s and settle things with the restaurant. Sonny takes Mike home, and Michael thanks Nelle for calling. He won’t forget what she did. Later, Alexis and Finn arrive to grab food, and Alexis excuses herself for a moment. Anna walks in and tries to tell Finn something, but before she can Alexis return and blurts out, “We are all set for tomorrow, it’s a date.” Finn quickly says it’s just for the election results, but Anna feels he owes her no explanation. Diane arrives needing to talk to Anna, so they walk off. Alexis urges Finn to go explain what is happening, but he feels she has made her feelings clear and doesn’t care what he does. At the bar, Diane tells Anna she got a call from a Swiss bank about Faison’s will, and she’s been named a beneficiary.

Michael, Sonny and Mike return home. Mike heads to bed, and Michael tells his mom that Nelle did them a big favor tonight. Sonny explains what happened to Carly and worries something is really wrong with Mike.

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Griffin asks Ava how long they will pretend like nothing happened last night.

Nelle is startled by Monica.

Carly warns Jason that whatever Faison did to hurt him won’t go away by ignoring it.

Sonny promises Mike things will be okay.

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