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curtis-gives-jordan-roses-gh-abc Curtis brings Jordan roses at work. She thanks him for trying to cheer her up. He wonders if she knows what day it is. She knows. They kiss, and he can see she’s grieving over Nathan. Jordan admits everything in the station reminds her of him. Curtis suggests she take a break. He heard Nathan’s heart is what defined him as a cop and a man. The way to honor him is to love one another. They dine on Lake Trout that his aunt Stella made for them. Jordan’s more than surprised that she agreed to it. Jordan calls it a testament to how he feels about her. They kiss.

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Sonny and Carly make out on the couch in their living room, until Mike comes downstairs. Mike wants to walk a mile to a store to get Rita a Valentine’s Day present. Sonny and Carly try to convince him to stay put, but Mike is insistent. He takes off, leaving Sonny and Carly to make-out in front of the fire. When Mike doesn’t return, Sonny goes to find him.

Amy runs into Griffin in the hallway at GH. She notes his polished appearance and hopes he’s not going off to see Ava. Griffin doesn’t take her criticism well but chalks it up to her grief over Nathan. He tells her people can change in surprising ways and walks off. Amy thinks he’s in for a rude awakening.

Before her date, Ava talks with a dejected Nelle at the gallery. ava-gives-nelle-a-pep-talk-gh-abcAva wonders what happened to Nelle’s spunk when it comes to her plan for Carly. Nelle assures her she hasn’t given up, which makes Ava happy. She advises her assistant to not take her eye off the prize. If they work hard enough all their dreams can come true. Griffin arrives for his date with Ava and they discuss what he did in the past for Valentine’s Day. He gave a sermon once he says. He explains that legend has it that St. Valentine’s was the Patron Saint of Love who performed weddings for Christians when it was against the law. He was beaten and killed for it. The women feel his story has put a damper on Valentine’s Day. Griffin says his faith in love made him immortal. “Love never dies,” he says. He gets a page and must take off to the hospital. Ava understands. He goes and Ava hopes tonight she’ll be able to declare her love of Griffin.

Kiki reluctantly joins Molly and TJ at Jake’s. She orders drinks for them at the bar, as Molly sam-gives-drew-vday-gift-gh-abcand TJ express their love at a nearby table. Molly thinks they are the only uncomplicated couple in Port Charles. A sad Spinelli orders an orange soda at the bar and engages in conversation about Maxie with Kiki. Over by the jukebox, Sam gives Drew a valentine Danny made him. It says, “Happy Valentine’s Day to my other Dad.” It means a lot to Drew that Danny still thinks of him as a father. Sam gives him her gift, which is her passport listing Cain as her last name. Spinelli walks in and he and Kiki talk about how bummed out he is that his love is across the country. Molly jogs up to Sam and learns her place is free, so she runs off to TJ and tells him they’ve the whole place to themselves. They glance over at Kiki and Spinelli and don’t think she’ll miss them. Meanwhile, Kiki starts doing shots and reveals it would have been her one-year anniversary with Dillon.

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At home, Jason thanks Danny for his Valentine that reads, “Happy Heart Day Dad.” danny-gives-jason-valentine-gh-abcAs they casually chat, Danny says he ate too much chocolate candy at school and doesn’t feel good. He wants his mom. For now, Jason gets him Club Soda to settle his tummy. While Jason’s gone, Danny calls his mom with Jason’s phone to come over. Sam arrives and Danny already better. He cons his parents into letting him sleep over. Drew shows up lashes out at Jason, thinking Jason manipulated the situation.
Back at Jake’s, when Spinelli calls the hospital on Kiki’s behalf to ask Amy to find her missing ID card, Kiki drunk dials Dillon and when she hears a woman’s voice, she accuses Dillon of moving on fast and disconnects. JT and Molly wander up to say goodbye. Once they’re gone, she tries to seduce Spin but he’s not into it.

Griffin returns to the hospital and Amy apologizes for being rude about his date. She lets him know Spinelli called and Kiki’s drunk at Jake’s. Just then, Ava leaves a message to skip the restaurant and meet at her place. He texts back that he’s on his way.
At a payphone outside, Nelle disguises her voice as she calls Carly…

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