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Robin-guides-Jason-GH-ABC Robin runs into Jason at Kelly’s and thanks him for killing Faison. She also heard Sam and Drew married and had hopes that Sam would have come to realize she loves Jason more than she loves Drew. He laughs and says she sounds like Carly. After Robin leaves, Michael meets with Jason and tells him that he feels Nelle is using their baby to try and get closer to him. He thinks something in her is broken and she doesn’t have it in her to be a good mother, but he doesn’t want to go through a custody fight and hurt the child. Jason tells him not to make a family with someone he doesn’t want to be with, but if he can be there for his child then his child will turn out to be fine. Michael thanks him and heads out.

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Mike-Robin-dizzy-GH-ABC At Sonny’s, Carly welcomes her husband home, and gives Mike a big hug. Mike heads up to his room, and Sonny explains to Carly about the situation with the missing money. Later, Robin drops by to say hello before she leaves, and she is thrilled to see Mike. They catch up, and Mike becomes dizzy when he tries to stand up too quickly. Robin goes into doctor mode, and Mike becomes upset because he thinks Sonny set this up to have him checked out. Robin apologizes for upsetting him, and Mike calms down.

Nelle-plan-for-Michael-GH-ABC Franco and Liz take a tour of Ava’s gallery as a venue for their reception, and she offers it for free as her gift. Franco says they’ll think about it and they head out. Nelle enters with a huge bouquet of flowers for Ava from Griffin. They discuss how much can change in a year. Michael drops by the gallery so Ava excuses herself to let them talk. Michael informs Nelle that he’s going to be selling the building she lives in, and it’s just to set clear boundaries. Nelle understands, and asks if he still wants to take the Lamaze classes with her. He says he does and then leaves. Ava returns, and Nelle swears this is just a momentary setback. She’s going to lure Michael and Carly into a false sense of security that she’s giving Michael space, but soon Michael is going to need a friend and a shoulder to cry on. Nelle won’t reveal any more but promises Carly will get a very special Valentine’s day. Ava leaves to take a call from Griffin, and Nelle pulls out a voice recorder from her purse.

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Drew-Kim-Oscar-fight-GH-ABC Drew drops by Kim’s place where she scolds him for encouraging their son to fight. He and Kim argue until Oscar walks in and tells them to stop. They both apologize, and Drew asks if this has to do with the bullying problem at school. Oscar relays the whole story about his and Joss’ friend who identifies as female. Drew is proud of his son. Oscar gets back to his homework, and Drew and Kim discuss their co-parenting skills. As they talk, Kim is reminded of a time long ago when they were together. She brings up the time they were in a bar and another patron got a little too hands-on with her, and he took the guy down like a knight in shining armor.

Jason-Liz-Jake-invite-GH-ABC Franco, Liz and Jake walk in to Kelly’s where Jason is. Jake asks Jason if he’s going to the wedding. Jason can’t make it, but maybe he can visit him in his new apartment sometime. Once alone, Franco asks Jason not to punish Jake over his hate for him, but Jason thinks Jake is just too young to understand what Franco is. Franco reminds Jason he doesn’t have a perfect past either, and no brain tumor turned him into a stone-cold killer. Franco and Jake head out, and Liz wishes Jason could be excited that Jake reached out to him. Jason doesn’t approve of her choice to marry Franco. Liz points out that Jake loves Franco. Jason hopes Jake never knows the Franco he knows. Liz says people don’t have to like Franco, but they have learned to move on, and she suggests he do the same. Things change and people change, maybe he needs to let things go and think about his future.

Back at Sonny’s, Michael arrives and says hello to Robin and Mike. When Carly brings Avery down, Mike wonders if she is Michael’s kid. They explain this is Avery, Sonny’s daughter they have told him about. Later, Robin suggests privately he take Mike for a check-up. Robin heads out, and Avery surprises Sonny with a valentine she made him in school.

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