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In the graveyard, Maxie accuses Lulu of killing Nathan for the sake of her career. Lulu starts sobbing as Maxie lashes out at her. Peter sadly listens from around the corner. Lulu wants to explain her side but that only makes things worse. Maxie doesn’t think it’s in the Spencer DNA to admit you’re wrong. Lulu refuses to believe she means this. Nina eventually intervenes and asks Lulu to go. Maxie doesn’t want leave. Nina holds her and Valentin takes her hand. After they all depart, Peter walks over to the grave to say his goodbye. He’s sorry that his luck ran out.

Drew questions Franco-GH-ABCAnna is with Mac and Felicia at The Floating Rib. Spinelli asks Anna if she is still searching for Henrik. She’s sure he won’t stay lost forever. Across the room, Drew senses that he’s making Franco nervous. Franco sits with Liz. When she leaves him alone, Drew wanders over and Franco leaps away. Drew follows and questions him about Harvey. Recording the conversation with his phone, Franco is defensive and Drew asks to see the rabbit’s foot. Liz joins them as Franco hands over the foot. It doesn’t remind Drew of anything. Maxie arrives with Nina. The guests pay their condolences. Maxie can’t handle it and leaves. Spinelli goes after her. Anna walks into the hall and Valentin joins her. She’s still processing their conversation. She can’t understand why he kept her secret. He couldn’t bring himself to destroy her but he hasn’t kept track of her daughter. Valentin suggests she leave the past where it is. Meanwhile, Peter arrives. Drew and Sam ask if he’s going to stay around. When Peter is left alone, Valentin approaches him and reminds him that this isn’t the time to jump ship.

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At the hospital, Alexis and Finn discuss their rehab meeting and agree to get a drink.

Julian talks to Kim-GH-ABCKim stops by Charlie’s to get take-out. Julian wishes she would stay and tells her about the Valentine’s specials. Finn and Alexis arrive outside. She’s perplexed he’s taken her there and explains Julian owns the place. The doctor is apologetic but they head in. Alexis watches Julian with Kim, who accuses him of using her to make the lawyer jealous. He offers to walk her home. Once they depart, Lulu and Dante arrive. She worries about how much Maxie hates her. Lulu decides she should quit her job. Back across the room, Finn tells Alexis about his relationship with Anna and how she kicked him to the curb. Alexis suggests that Anna isn’t ready for a relationship with him.

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Joss and Oscar get back to his place. They try to fix his battered face but his mom and Julian arrive. He admits that he got into a fight. Kim is not pleased. He and Joss go off to ice his eye. Kim tells Julian that Oscar is her everything. He assures her she also has some ‘friends’.

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Maxie refuses Spinelli's help mourning-GH-ABCMaxie goes home to her empty apartment. Spinelli arrives. They discuss their daughter and he suggests she visit Portland. She says that won’t help her forget her husband is dead. Maxie doesn’t want help and asks him to leave. When she’s alone, she puts on Nathan’s hoodie and apologizes to her baby. They will always miss Nathan but can get through this together.

Valentin and Nina return to the graveyard. She wanted one more chance to say goodbye. He tells her he’s never been with anyone as brave as she’s been today.

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