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At Wyndemere, Anna barges in and freaks Nina out. She’s in the middle of planning Nathan’s funeral. Anna wants to talk to Liesl. Obrecht wonders what else she wants from them. Anna hands her Faison’s personal effects. Liesl doesn’t want them so Anna asks for her help to find Henrik. Obrecht doesn’t know anything. Still distraught, Nina reminds Anna that this is not the best time for this and asks Valentin to get her out of the house. She leads Liesl away. Anna tells Valentin that she needs to make sure everything around Faison is wrapped up. After she asks some vague questions, he tells her to cut to the chase and ask him what he knows about her child with Faison.

Lulu asks Peter about his life-GH-ABCPeter finds Lulu at Kelly’s and asks how she’s doing. She talks about everything that Maxie and Dante have lost. Ned interrupts and asks if they’re interested in interviewing him about the election. After he walks off, Peter tells her she should be happy people think so highly of her as a journalist. She’s not feeling enthusiastic and cries. Lulu wonders why she knows nothing about Peter. He claims he’s not interesting and was abandoned as a child. That allowed him to decide who he wanted to be. His father was a horrible person and he never knew his mother. She thinks they should write his life story. He turns that down.

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Sam asks Drew to Thailand-GH_ABCIn the Aurora office, Sam surprises Drew with two tickets to Thailand for their honeymoon. It would be their first real adventure together. They make out until Alexis interrupts so they can discuss Ned’s attack ad. She asks them for an endorsement from Aurora. Drew says she’d make a terrific mayor, but them endorsing her would tank her campaign. Sam takes her away for lunch. Soon, Ned arrives and assures Drew that the Quartermaines have his back. He hopes that Drew will return the favor. Drew can’t give him an endorsement. They are staying neutral. Ned notices he’s wearing Alan’s cufflinks. Later, Peter shows up and tenders his resignation.

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Rita explains things to Sonny-GH_ABCMike returns home where Sonny is waiting for him. Sonny confronts him with the bag of cash he found. His father claims he doesn’t know anything about it. They yell at each other. Mike doesn’t want his help. Rita bursts in and explains that they are in trouble. Mike becomes more frustrated and storms off. As Sonny paces, Rita tells him how out of character his father has been. Sonny guesses that his father has not been gambling. She tells him how proud Mike is of him and how much he wanted to be someone his son could be proud of. When Mike returns, Sonny confirms that he believes him. He’s paid off his debt and suggests he keep the money. He also suggests that they come to Port Charles for a visit. Mike’s afraid to leave his routine and his friends. Rita assures him that everything will still be there when he gets back. Finally, Mike agrees.

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Julian reassures Curtis-GH_ABCAt Charlie’s, Jim Harvey repeats his offer for the place to Julian, who turns him down again. After Jim walks off, Julian assures Curtis that he’s not going anywhere. Sam and Alexis arrive and take a corner. Sam reminds her mom that Julian is poison. Alexis says he has a girlfriend. Jim wanders over and asks Alexis if they can let bygones be bygones. She guesses he wants something. He tells her about the development project and then walks across the room to meet Ned. Back at the bar, Curtis tells Julian that Stella’s mugger has skipped town and he can’t understand why. Julian suggests he may have been acting on orders. They guess she may have been targeted for her vocal opposition to the development.

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