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Mike-argues-about-money-GH-ABC At Mike’s apartment, Mike swears that he hasn’t gambled in seven years and he doesn’t know how the money he delivered turned up missing. Sonny agrees to take care of things with Caruso and wishes his dad would have come to him if he needed money instead of taking a job as a bag man. Mike admits he moved here and took the job so as not to be a burden on him and Courtney. Sonny says he means Carly, and Mike tells him of course and that it’s been a long day. Mike heads to the kitchen to make them some dinner, and Sonny goes to grab a cigar and finds the money Mike claimed to have delivered in his cigar box.

Dante returns to work, where Jordan reminds him he’s supposed to be on a leave. He came to pack up Nathan’s things for his family.

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Kim-visits-Julian-GH-ABC Curtis treats Stella to dinner at Charlie’s. He worries about her walking home alone this late, but she assures him the neighborhood is safe. She leaves, and Curtis gets a text from TJ alerting him to watch something. Meanwhile, Kim drops by to see Julian. As they chat, reporters descend on the bar asking Julian for a statement about the campaign video against Alexis that he is featured in. Julian kicks them out and wonders what that was about. Curtis fills him in on an attack ad on Alexis that just got released. Kim wonders why Julian would be in it. He tells her it’s a long story for another time.

At the hospital, Nurse Deanna runs into Alexis, who is talking with Finn. She shows Alexis the political commercial slandering her over her relationship with Julian.

Robin-returns-GH-ABC Anna sits at home by the fire and hears a baby crying in her head. Robin arrives. Anna forgot she was coming for a visit. Robin notices her mother’s laptop out, which Anna quickly shuts. She explains it’s sensitive work. Robin is glad her mom had Finn with her when everything went down with Faison. Anna tells her there is nothing going on with Finn and it was all a ruse for an operation. Robin doesn’t think they were faking it. She thinks they seemed happy together, and suggests her mom stay open to the possibility. Robin is famished, so she insists they go out for food. She takes her suitcase up to her room, and Anna closes out her browser on her laptop showing no hits for Henrik Faison.

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Finn-Alexis-discuss-ad-GH-ABC Alexis and Finn grab a table at the Floating Rib and discuss the ad. Julian walks in with Kim, and Kim tells Alexis she has her vote. Julian takes Alexis aside and apologizes about the ad, and says that no matter what he does he keeps hurting her. Meanwhile, Kim asks Finn what is going on with them. He tells her that Alexis is Julian’s ex, which Kim didn’t know. Finn and Alexis get back to their table, and Julian and Kim grab one of their own. Julian explains his past with Alexis to her, and his criminal background. Kim feels if he’s paid his debt and is committed to living as a law-abiding citizen then he shouldn’t have to keep paying for his past. Robin and Anna turn up, and Robin notices the looks between Anna and Finn and jokes, “Tell me again how this is just a working relationship.”

Stella-arrested-GH-ABC Back at the station, Jordan is informed there was an assault on Charles Street and the perp is being brought in. A cop walks in with Stella in cuffs, and a man comes in after her claiming she assaulted him. Stella accuses the man of trying to steal her purse and she defended herself. He claims it was dark, that all the street lights had gone out, and he was trying to see if she needed help crossing the street. Jordan calls Curtis to come down to the station, and he rushes over and learns what is going on. Dante locates a store in the area with a camera, but the camera was turned off. Stella learns if they can’t find evidence corroborating her story, his, along with his bruises, will trump Stella’s. Jordan runs the guy’s name through the system and finds out he is out on parole. She wonders what his parole officer will make of all this and suggests he drop the charges. He does, and Stella is free to go. Later, Curtis finds it suspicious that the street lights all went out, and the only camera in the area went down. Jordan has no basis to investigate this but suggests he could.

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