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At the Metro Court, Nelle tells Ava that she’s going to take Carly out. Ava urges her to have a good plan. Nelle is sure the biggest obstacle to her future with Michael is his family. With a tear in her eye, Nelle says that her child will get everything she didn’t have. They discuss how easily unhinged Carly is. Nelle says she’s going to hit Carly where it hurts.

At the Corinthos compound, Carly complains to Jason about Nelle. He agrees that she has reason to worry but reminds her about Michael’s sense of responsibility. Michael interrupts. Jason wants to escape but Michael makes him stay to hear him promise his mother that things will be okay. After Jason exits, Carly tells her son that Nelle tried to slap her. Soon, Nelle shows up and apologizes to Carly. She has an idea about how to make amends. She’s going to name the baby Morgan, whether it’s a boy or a girl.

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Drew and Sam are at Aurora, discussing what happens when they find the flashdrive. She reminds him that he’s not a computer and they can’t just reinstall his memories. Sam thinks Henrik may have the drive. They discuss the possibilities but agree to go looking. Meanwhile, Jason shows up to speak to Peter about Faison. They talk about why Faison showed up at Crimson. Peter is defensive and insists he has no answers. A cop pops up and says they still haven’t found the bullet that Faison shot at him. Once the cop is gone, Peter tells Jason to make an appointment if he wants to talk more. Jason wanders off and bumps into Sam, who tells him they are still looking for the flashdrive. Drew doesn’t want his help. She wishes they could treat each other like brothers but doesn’t see that happening any time soon. Sam tells him that, outside of Danny, they won’t be seeing each other much.

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Griffin worries to Liz-JJ-GHFranco is snarky with Kevin in the shrink’s office. They talk about Franco’s childhood and how he sent Drew down a flight of stairs. He worries about him regaining his memory. Kevin doubts the story Betsy told him and doesn’t understand why he would have pushed Drew. The doctor thinks Franco just wants to be a lost cause. Franco can’t stand the thought that he might still be dangerous. He doesn’t have time to go through the process to find the truth. Kevin is confident that there is hope for him. Down the hall at GH, Griffin admits to Liz that losing Nathan has hit him hard. He worries he didn’t do enough to help. She’s sure he would never let animosity get in the way of saving someone. They discuss her relationship with Franco and Griffin’s relationship with Ava. Later, Franco joins her and explains that Kevin has hope for him.

Peter meets with Drew at the Metro Court and tells him about his confrontation with Jason. Across the room, Ava has a date with Griffin, who tells her she is exactly what he needs.

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Rita tells Sonny what she knows-JJ-GHSonny bangs on his father Mike Corbin’s door. A woman answers. Her name is Rita (played by Susanne Spoke). She’s been dating Mike for five years. They met in rehab. Some goons just came after him for 10 grand and he took off. She assures Sonny that this is the first sign of any shady behavior she knows of. The money that went missing was money Mike was supposed to deliver for his bosses. Sonny assumes his father must be gambling again. Mike (played by Max Gail) wanders in, startled to see his son. Rita leaves them alone and Mike pays his condolences for Morgan. He wishes he’d been the kind of father Sonny could turn to for comfort. His son asks him about the missing money. Things get tense as Mike repeatedly insists that he doesn’t know what happened.

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