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maxie-dreams-of-nathan-gh-abcMaxie wakes up in bed to Nathan. As they move in to kiss, Maxie opens her eyes to find he isn’t there. She dissolves into tears. She walks out to her living room to tell Nina about her dream. She could feel Nathan, warm and alive in her arms. She needs Nina to tell her Nathan is gone. Nina tearfully complies. When Nina heads to the kitchen to try and be helpful, Maxie sees a pamphlet about funeral services. She confronts Nina when she returns to the room. Nina said they all just wanted to help, but Maxie retorts that unless Nina can bring Nathan back from the dead, there’s nothing she can do. Nina apologizes and cries that she lost her brother too. Maxie hugs her. Nina is sorry for the years she lost with Nathan, but feels lucky to have seen the man he became. Maxie saw what a great man Nathan was the first night they met. She flashes to that moment in her apartment and holds Nina’s hand. She asks Nina to go through the brochures with her to figure out what Nathan would want. Nina and Maxie feel Nathan’s presence as they come together as family.

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ava-sees-avery-gh-abcAva is given a compliment about wearing her hair off her face by a server at Kelly’s. The woman knows who Ava is, so she already knows her coffee order. Ava recalls the dream she had about fighting with Sonny and Carly over Avery, when Kiki walks in with the little girl. Kiki thinks they should leave, but Ava would like to spend time with her daughter. After much pleading, Kiki allows Ava to hold Avery. Kiki panics when she sees Michael approaching through the window. She grabs Avery back, as Michael walks in. Kiki explains to Michael about Ava’s presence. Ava reluctantly leaves, as Michael joins the Jerome girls at a table. The two catch up with Michael worrying about Nelle and the baby and Kiki sharing her feelings on Ava, med school and Dillon.

carly-goads-nelle-gh-abcCarly needles Nelle at the Metro Court about her stint in the mental hospital. When Carly hints Michael wouldn’t like to hear how unstable the mother of his child might be, Nelle tries to slap her. Carly intercepts her arm, warning that she shouldn’t have done that. Nelle insists her past has no bearing on who she is today or her ability to be a mother. Carly disagrees, but thinks she doesn’t have to do anything. Nelle is her own worst enemy. Later, Nelle meets with Ava at the bar for a work meeting. They commiserate over their disdain for Carly. Nelle becomes bolstered. She thinks if they play things right, Ava will get her child back and Nelle won’t lose hers in the first place. Ava warns Carly doesn’t let go when she’s got a target in her sights. She will do what she can to take that person out. Nelle retorts she’ll just have to take her out first.

drew-wants-to-find-henrik-with-sam-gh-abcIn the Aurora offices, Jason tells Sam and Drew what he, Spinelli, Anna and Sonny have been up to. Drew is annoyed that he’s been keeping this all to himself. Jason replies that Drew was busy keeping Sam and the kids safe. Jason says he will let them know if he finds out anything about Henrik and leaves. Drew tells Sam if they want to find Henrik, they have to do it on their own. He thinks they should go to Anna for help, but Sam doesn’t think it will make a difference without the flash drive. Drew just needs to find out who he is, for the both of them. Sam believes Drew’s memories are somewhere inside of him, so he can remember them on his own.

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sonny-gets-news-about-mike-gh-abcCarly returns home to Sonny, who tells her about his call about Mike. He assumes he’s gotten himself into trouble gambling again so he wants to go to Brooklyn and bail him out. Carly doesn’t think it feels right and suggests he take Jason with him. When Jason walks in, Carly tells him he has to go to New York with Sonny, who disagrees. Sonny knows it’s the same old story with Mike, but Carly worries it’s a trap set by Faison. Jason tells her he’s dead. Sonny leaves as Jason further fills Carly in. They talk about Sam and Carly explains how destroyed Sam was when he was gone. She declares Sam’s love for him won’t go away. Since Jason loves Sam, he needs to go to her and fight for her.

Sonny bangs on Mike’s door, but no one answers.

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