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Drew-Sam-Peter-story-GH-ABC At their apartment, Drew and Sam return early from their honeymoon after getting news about Faison’s capture. Peter drops by to discuss business, specifically covering Faison’s shooting and Jason and Drew’s part in this story. Drew reaffirms they don’t want their story out there, but Peter points out this will be covered by others no matter what, and this way they can control it. Sam says they’ll consider it. Peter leaves them, and Drew thinks Peter is right. He also owes it to himself and others to find out the truth about himself and confront Faison.

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Jason-questions-Faison-GH-ABC At GH, Jason confronts Faison in his room and demands to know why he replaced him with Drew. Faison tells Jason it was because he had brain damage, and his mind control technique wouldn’t work on him. He learned of Dr. Maddox and his memory mapping technique, and finding Andrew Cain was a happy coincidence. Henrik delivered both Drew and Jason to Maddox for the memory swap. He later gave Drew to Helena, and Jason was supposed to die, but Henrik betrayed him and kept him alive out of spite. Jason asks where Henrik is. Faison admits he’s hiding in plain sight under an alias, and to ask his brother because he knows him. In the waiting area, Griffin explains to everyone that the bullet ricocheted off Nathan’s spine creating bone shards, which they believe they removed along with the bullet. Nathan has been moved to the ICU, and Maxie asks to see him. Anna-Finn-talk-GH-ABC Finn sits with Anna as they wait and tells her that he was an idiot to walk away from her. She feels it was smart because caring for her could get him killed. He refuses to walk away again, so she walks away from him. In the ICU, Maxie sits with Nathan, holds his hand, and tells him that she loves him. She talks about their baby, and all the things they have to look forward to. Griffin checks on Nathan and says there is no sign of infection and everything looks good. Maxie-cries-Nathan-GH-ABC Back in the waiting area, Dante and Lulu arrive. Lulu wants to go in and be with Maxie, but a nurse informs her only immediate family are allowed. Lulu is upset and decides to go off to be by herself. Obrecht visits Nathan, and tells him how proud she is to be his mother. After Obrecht leaves, Maxie reminisces about the day Nathan showed up on her doorstep looking for an apartment, and how they fell in love. Out in the hall, Anna stops Obrecht from trying to get in to see Faison and kill him. Obrecht tells Anna if she won’t let her kill Faison then Anna should do it herself. Nina goes in to see Nathan. She tells him how much she loves him and how much he helped her change and become a better person. Later, Maxie asks Dante to sit with Nathan while she steps out for a moment. Maxie heads to the bathroom where she breaks down into tears. After she composes herself she returns to Nathan. On the steps, Finn confronts Anna and tells her she doesn’t get to just throw away what they have. Anna pleads with him to forget about his feelings for her, and that she doesn’t want him in her life. Meanwhile, Obrecht calls the prison where Britt is. Later, Finn discovers Jason in with Faison, and kicks him out of the room. Anna asks Jason if he got anything. Drew and Sam arrive, and Jason explains to them all what he learned, and that Faison implied Drew knows Henrik. Drew is clueless. nathan-flatlines-gh-abc Back in Nathan’s room, he opens his eyes and looks at Maxie. Maxie explains what happened to him, and that he needs to rest and get better. He jokes with her, and she gives him a kiss. Maxie feels the baby kick and holds his hand to her stomach. They discuss what their child may look like. Nathan tells Maxie he loves her and flatlines.

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Peter-consoles-Lulu-GH-ABC Peter runs into Lulu at Kelly’s. She admits that she is always terrified of losing Dante every day he walks out the door, and now Maxie is going through her worst nightmare. She tells him the dirty little secret about cop’s spouses, that when a fellow cop falls, a shameful part of you is grateful it’s not the one you married. She regrets she was so arrogant to think she could take on Faison, but he tells her Nathan was a willing participant. He suggests she write a follow-up story, one with a happy ending. She gets to work on her laptop.

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