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Peter-Lulu-pitch-GH-ABC At the Metro Court, TJ and Jordan have lunch to celebrate his taking the MCATs. Ned and Olivia drop by to schmooze, and Ned offers to cover their lunch. Jordan feels it wouldn’t be appropriate for her to accept what may be seen as a bribe from someone campaigning for mayor. Down in Aurora’s offices, Lulu confronts Peter about being given fluff assignments from her editor. She pitches him a story to follow-up the interview with Nathan. Lulu believes Faison is on Spoon Island and wants to try and find him. Peter won’t overstep her editor’s assignments for her, but he can’t stop her from doing whatever she wants on her own time.

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Julian-Alexis-Molly-mayor-GH-ABC Alexis and Molly make their way to Charlie’s, and Molly pressures her mom to follow Laura’s lead and run for mayor. Julian overhears and supports the idea. Later, TJ joins them and reveals their building has now been condemned and they are locked out. Julian points out all those now homeless people could use someone to fight for them. Ned and Olivia arrive, and Julian asks “Ted” if he’d like a table for two outside. Ned explains they come in peace and seeing as he’s basically the defacto mayor he seeks to comprise. He announces that if the measure to develop Charles Street passes then he’d like to appoint Alexis head of a special commission to oversee it. Alexis refuses to discuss such a position until they address the giant stadium his backers plan to build and calls it a giant tax guzzling money pit which he is trying to sneak past the voters. They argue about it, but Ned tells her this is a done deal that nothing will stop it. Alexis refuses to accept that and announces she is officially running for mayor against him.

Dante-Faison-board-GH-ABC Anna checks in with Nathan and Dante at the PCPD about the Faison case. In the interrogation room the cops have put together a photo board of people Faison is likely to target. Anna reveals they need to add another to their list because Faison has a second son. She relays what she’s learned about Heinrich from a drunk Obrecht, and about PK Sinclair’s novel that Sonny and Jason located. Nathan inquiries about his mother, who Anna says is sleeping her bender off at her house. Dante asks how his father got involved in all this. She tells them it doesn’t matter, and she has things covered and will keep them posted. Anna leaves, and in the hallway calls Peter and asks for a minute of his time. Back in the interrogation room, Nathan worries that his mom isn’t answering his calls.

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Obrecht-hostage-GH-ABC Obrecht wakes up in the stables of Wyndemere to find Faison screaming in her face. He tells her the island is deserted, so she can scream all she wants because no one will hear. A furious Faison demands to know about his son. She refuses to help him get to Nathan, cries he is nothing like either of them, and says that Nathan is good. Faison ties her up and says he’ll find Nathan on his own. He leaves her tied to a horse stall. Later, Lulu discovers Obrecht and tries to untie her, but is unable because the knots are too complicated. She decides to call Dante, but Faison returns and grabs her phone. If she wants a story, she’s got one. He looks at her phone and finds it ironic he will get to his son through Luke Spencer’s daughter.

Anna meets with Peter at Aurora to discuss the interview Nathan gave, which hasn’t drawn Faison out yet. She pitches a follow-up story, which they can run on a tip from an unnamed WSB agent, that Faison is locked in a life and death battle with his other son. She suggests they plant a clue in the article to lead Faison to a location where they can apprehend him. Peter refuses to betray journalistic ethics and print a lie, or a story that hasn’t been verified. Anna realizes that Peter doesn’t want to help capture Faison and wonders why. He bids her good day, so she walks out. Anna heads back down to the Metro Court restaurant where her phone buzzes. She reads an email from PK Sinclair offering to meet with the alias Spinelli wrote to him under.

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