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Obrecht-questioned-GH-ABC Obrecht meets with Six and Sonny at his restaurant, where Six asks if she knows why Faison came after him. She doesn’t, but guesses that Faison would have had use for someone with his talents provided he could have been controlled. Sonny sees Obrecht out, and Six runs into a shocked Spinelli. Spinelli is hurt that Six never called him, and thinks it is because he helped identify the other guy as him. Six swears he isn’t mad at him, so Spinelli gives Six a huge hug. Spinelli discusses how to prove he is Jason and get him back with Sam, but Six refuses to break up Sam’s family. He also informs Spinelli he may be going to jail for assaulting Franco, and explains the incident to him. Diane arrives to meet her client, and promises to get the charges against him dropped. When he gets a moment alone with Diane, Spinelli lets her know that his research on Andrew Kane has proved fruitful.

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Sly-Andre-GH-ABC Down in Cuba, Jordan begs Andre to return to Port Charles to make things right for the two Jasons, but he refuses because he knows he’ll end up in jail.

At their home, Sam asks Jason if he remembered how he knew Oscar’s mom. Jason says her name doesn’t ring a bell, so maybe she just has a familiar face. She asks if he’s heard anything from Curtis. Jason informs her he’s following a lead on Andre, and hopefully will find him so they can prove he’s Jason.

Oscar-Kim-daddy-GH-ABC Kim meets Liz at GH and introduces herself as the new OBGYN. Later, Oscar tracks his mom down and reveals he went to see Jason because he thinks he could be his father. She feels his sudden interest in his father has to do with Joss, but he cries he has a right to know who his dad is. Kim informs him that she is trying to protect him, and they will discuss this later.

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Liz-Sides-GH-ABC At the PCPD, the DA talks to Franco about Patient Six’s unprovoked attack on him at the hospital, and that unfortunately nobody is willing to testify against him, including Liz. Franco thinks his testimony will be good enough to send that knuckle dragger to prison. Liz walks in and tells Franco he will not testify. The DA leaves them to talk. She realizes Franco is worried this guy is Jason and is a threat to their relationship. He admits one of the Jasons will be with Sam, and the other could want her back. Liz promises Franco that she loves him, and nothing will change that. She begs him to drop the charges. Diane, Six and company arrive and all stare down Franco. Franco announces he will be dropping the charges, for which Six refuses to thank him. Franco can’t believe a killer like him can stand there and judge him. He reminds Six that his horrible deeds were due to a brain tumor, and suggests he follow his twin’s example and make peace with it and him. Liz thanks Franco, and knows one day the others will see he is a good an honorable man.

Carly-scolds-Joss At the Metro Court, Carly lectures Joss for sneaking out and betraying her trust. Joss apologizes, but swears she did the wrong thing for the right reasons. She needs to check with Oscar before she tells her everything. Carly orders Joss to sit there and do her homework, and her story better be worth it. Joss does as she’s told, and later Oscar arrives. Oscar gives her permission to explain everything to her mom, and hopes it keeps her from being grounded. Joss has a new plan to find his father, and shows him the glass she took last night to test Jason’s DNA. At the bar, Obrecht makes a call to Faison to warn him that people are looking for him and he should run.

Carly drops by Jason and Sam’s place. Carly knows Jason feels she betrayed him, but she thinks she knows someone who can help clear this up. She tells them that Kim Nero thought Six was a Navy Seal named Andrew Kane. Carly got the feeling that Andrew was very important to Kim, and it might help him remember who he is. Jason knows who he is and tells her to go to hell if she can’t accept that he’s Jason. Carly is sorry but he’s not Jason and he needs to face that. Jason’s phone beeps, and he gets a text that Curtis and Jordan have located Andre.

Carly, Jason and Sam head to the police station, and run into the rest of the bunch. Suddenly, Andre is brought in by Curtis and Jordan.

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