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Julian-free-GH-ABC Alexis is stunned to see Julian at the Floating Rib. She assumes he didn’t escape from prison, and he reveals he’s out on bond pending a new trial. He assures her that he doesn’t expect anything from her, except to know how she got Liv to make the statement she did. Alexis denies having anything to do it, but he knows it was her because only she and Scott knew what was happening to him inside prison, and he is positive Scott couldn’t have pulled this off. He eventually switches the topic of conversation and questions why she’s in a bar. She promises she isn’t throwing her sobriety away, and came here to just get out of the house for a while, and remind herself of how far she’s come. He decides to leave her alone, but she asks where he’ll go. He is waiting to hear back from his sister, because he doesn’t want to just show up at her apartment. Before he heads out he thanks her, but she again states she did nothing. He thanks her for caring and leaves.

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At GH, Griffin worries because he hasn’t heard back from Ava. He leaves her messages begging her to contact him, and worries she’s gone off to try and have plastic surgery on her facial scaring.

Ava-operation-GH-ABC At the clinic, Doctor Zee tells Ava that he can begin the procedure tonight, and has her sign away any right to sue him should something go wrong. Ava becomes nervous that they are diving right into the operation, and stops him from giving her anesthesia. He offers to give her time to think this over, and can fit her in next year sometime. She doesn’t want to wait that long, so she says they should continue. Suddenly Griffin bursts in and refuses to allow this unethical operation to happen. He threatens to call the cops because he doubts this clinic is even licensed. Doctor Zee quickly high tails it out of the room, and Griffin reveals he found Ava’s research on her computer and tracked her here. She thanks him and realizes he stopped her from doing something stupid. She admits Carly’s words that he would abandoned her for someone beautiful got to her. He professes his feelings for her and they kiss. Later, Griffin takes a look at Klein’s notes on the doctor’s laptop, and swipes the flash drive with them before he and Ava leave.

Joss meets Oscar in the park. She thinks Andrew might be Oscar’s dad, and explains what she knows about Jason and Drew, and the mix-up that’s resulted in the two Jasons. Oscar learns Scout might be his sister, and asks about the other Jason. Joss offers to do better than just tell him about the other guy.

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Jason-concerned-GH-ABC Jason and Sam cuddle on their couch in front of the fire. Later they decide to move up to the bedroom, but a knock at the door stops them. Joss and Oscar stand there, and Sam and Jason invite them in. Jason asks why they are here so late, and Joss claims they are researching a lost person as part of a forensics class. Joss thought seeing Sam is a PI that she could help them find someone. Sam isn’t a PI anymore but offers to help them. Jason doesn’t buy their story and wants the truth. They are interrupted by another knock, and answer to Kim who introduces herself and says she tracked Oscar through an app on his phone. Kim asks why he’s here, and Sam says they claim to be looking for a lost person. Kim decides the kids have bothered them enough and demands they go, and insists on dropping Joss off at her house. In the hall, Oscar explains that man may be her friend Andrew. Kim feels for him, because he’s obviously going through a lot, and scolds them both for bothering the Morgans.

Curtis-investigates-GH-ABC Jordan and Curtin return from grocery shopping to her place and plan to cook a real Thanksgiving dinner for themselves. The two discuss what is going on with the two Jason and Andre, and Jordan is determined to solve the case. Curtis suggests they forget about it for now, and the two kiss. They head to the bedroom, and forget about the food and burn their pie. Curtis gets a text and tells Jordan he has a lead on Andre.

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