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Six arrives at the Metro Court to meet Sonny. They discuss the situation in Puerto Rico. Sonny invites him to Thanksgiving. After Six takes off, Cassandra corners Corinthos and introduces herself. Valentin interrupts. Sonny makes it clear that any friend of the Cassadine is no friend of his and walks off. She sits down with Valentin. He warns her Sonny doesn’t like drugs. She tells him he’ll have to change his tune. She’s been working on a new synthetic opiate and is eager to get it distributed. They discuss logistics.

Six says goodbye-GH-ABCAt the Quartermaine estate, Ned and Michael are discussing Olivia decking the place out with gourds. Ned brings up the twin Jasons and the future of ELQ. Monica comes in, trailed by Olivia in her pilgrim hat. Monica points out no one will be there to celebrate. Ned brings up the two Jasons problem. Another Quartermaine means their stock shares will be redistributed and could cause chaos in the company. Later, Six shows up to see Monica. She’s glad that he’s home and they hug. After she takes off, Michael wanders in. He’s taken aback to see Six. They catch up and an emotional Michael assures Six that he’s always suspected that his twin was not the real Jason. He’s apologetic for accepting his twin. Ned and Olivia return as the room empties. Ned is sure that Six is Jason, which means there is going to be some ugly family in-fighting ahead.

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Chet gets advice from Finn-GH-ABCFinn drops by the gym and holds the bag for Chet as he punches. The doctor tells him he just got sober and encourages him not to run away from his sister. They discuss drug abuse and Finn tells him it’s okay to accept help. Later, Sonny arrives as Finn is finishing his workout. The mobster invites him over for the holiday. The doctor appreciates it but has another option. He asks him about the street drug trade. Sonny advises him to steer clear of this. The drug trade is bigger and more dangerous than either of them.

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Amy shows up at Maxie and Nathan’s to worry about their fraud being outed. Amy suggests this is Maxie’s fault. Nathan defends her. The publisher, Quinn, barges in and rails at them, warning that they will pay through the nose for their deception. Soon, Chet arrives and finds them preparing a livestream of Amy and Nathan’s confession. When they go live, Amy explains everything that happened and takes all the responsibility. Nathan interrupts to take the blame too. Chet interrupts to take the blame as well. He insists that they did everything out of love and Amy is amazing. After the broadcast is over, they bicker with Quinn and show her the door. Before she can leave, she gets updates that the pre-sales for the book have gone up.


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Robin is eager to meet Anna's boyfriend-GH-ABCMac and Felicia drop stuff off at Anna’s for the holidays. Robin pops up, eager to vet her mom’s boyfriend. Anna is defensive and doesn’t want to discuss this. Mac defends Finn. Mac and Felicia hear their nephew crying and running off to see him. Robin demands answers from her mother about the doctor. Anna says it’s complicated and she doesn’t want anyone to get attached to the idea of them having a future. Finn arrives. Robin goes off to see her kid and Anna complains about how everyone is pulling for them as a couple. He’s happy to fake date her. She doesn’t want him to help her go after Cassandra. He doesn’t think she can trust Valentin and wants to help. Valentin calls and tells her things are worse than they thought. After he fills her in, she tells Finn that she needs to put an end to Cassandra’s operation fast. He suggests they can do that by giving her what she wants.

Back at the Metro Court, Cassandra tries to invite herself to Thanksgiving at Wyndemere. Valentin refuses. He won’t let her near his family.

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