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At home, Jake picks the movie “The Parent Trap” to watch with his mom and Franco. When he heads upstairs, Franco tries to talk Elizabeth out of telling him about Jason’s twin because it could be confusing for him. Elizabeth agrees to talk to Jason about it first. Liz goes to check on Jake as Franco opens to the door to a delivery of his twin painting. Franco has an idea of what to do with it and leaves.

curtis-jason-at-gym-gh-abcJason finds Curtis working out at the boxing gym. They talk about the case and Jason fills him in about Andre. Curtis promises to find the doctor. Jason gets a call from Liz who needs to see him. After he leaves and Curtis changes, Jordan stops by to ask Curtis to find Andre. Curtis good naturedly ribs her about the straight arrow doctor she chose over him turning out to be dirty before letting her know he’s already on the case. She tells him about Andre’s memory mapping work. As they discuss the man they never really knew, Curtis gets an alert about an IP address Andre recently used.

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ava-asks-franco-about-jasons-gh-abcAva is surprised to find Kiki waiting for her at the gallery. They talk about Ava’s situation as Franco enters to give Ava the twin painting. Kiki takes it in the back as Ava asks what he’s going to do with two Jason’s after him. Ava muses on how they both will always be seen as bad and wonders what would happen if they could be fixed. She adds that he should be worried Liz will leave him. Once alone, Ava searches for unethical plastic surgery doctors online.

Jason arrives at the house and gently explains the situation about his twin to Jake. Jason assures the boy he is his father and that will never change. Jake hugs his dad and says he loves him. Liz walks Jason to the door. They hug as Franco lurks outside.

Amy and Nathan walk into the apartment to overhear Maxie tell Chet who the real Man Landers is. Amy confesses everything to her brother. She also explains about Nathan and Maxie’s role in her plan, as Maxie tries to keep her pregnancy test hidden. Chet eventually comes around, happy to not feel so alone. Amy assures him he never will be again. Maxie makes it a point to tell Chet no one can know the truth about Man Landers. They talk about the ramifications and Chet vows to keep quiet. After Amy and Chet take their leave, Maxie says she has something to tell Nathan, but she gets an alert that the Man Landers story has broken.

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sam-questioned-by-nina-gh-abcNina stops by Sam’s office to talk about Crimson’s budget. She brings up Jason and encourages Sam to share her fears, particularly if she’s afraid of being in love with two different men. Sam wants to be left alone, but says she loves her husband and that’s all that matters. Nina wonders if she loves who Jason is now or who he used to be. Sam reiterates that she loves her husband and Nina leaves. Alone, Sam looks at a photo of her and Jason and thinks of her conversation with Six about accepting that you can’t be with the person you love. In the hallway, Nina gets an alert on her phone and runs off in a panic.

six-on-bridge-gh-abcSix is happy to see a shocked, confused and emotional Robin on the bridge. She wonders how this could be. It just is, he says. He’s Jason. “You know that, don’t you?” Robin tells him how the man they’ve been calling Jason took her place when she almost blew up from a bomb. He has Jason’s heart and mind, so who could he be if not Jason? Six explains that man is his twin. She wonders if Six is the twin. Six tells her the other man wasn’t there for her all those times in her past. She reminds him Jason has the same memories. Six relents. It only matters that she is alive and well. Her believing in him would be icing on the cake. This triggers a memory in Robin of their first kiss when she explained that expression to him. It convinces her and she runs into his arms, saying, “It’s you Jason.” He tells her Carly and Sonny want to prove he’s really Jason Morgan, but Six doesn’t care about the name. He only cares about finding out who did this to him and his brother.

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