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Maxie-pregnancy-test-GH-ABC At her apartment, Maxie realizes her period is late. She takes a pregnancy test, but hides it before she can see the results when there is a knock at her door. Maxie finds Chet standing on the other side of her door. He was hoping to talk to Ask Man Landers about his sister Amy. Maxie realizes he’s Chet and invites him in. Chet wants Nathan to talk Amy into forgetting about him and live her own life. She tells Chet he may have been a hero on the battlefield, but he’s a coward when it comes to his sister. Maxie blasts him and reveals Amy was the one who worked to pay his medical bills, not the VA. He asks where she got that kind of money.

Amy-panics-GH-ABC At GH, Nelle calls a tabloid and arranges a meeting to expose the truth about Man Landers. Meanwhile, Amy runs up to Nathan and begs for help because Chet never went to therapy after being discharged, and she’s worried he’s out trying to score drugs. Elsewhere, Ava meets with Griffin and begs him to perform the procedure on her face. Griffin reminds her the procedure isn’t approved, and it’s a dangerous operation that could make her scars worse. He tells her she is beautiful as is, and suggests they go out for dinner at the Metro Court.

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Carly-catches-Joss-GH-ABC At Sonny’s place, Carly finds Joss and Oscar hanging out and suggests Oscar and his mom come to Thanksgiving dinner. Oscar texts his mom about Carly’s invitation. Carly heads out, and Joss apologizes for her pushy mom. He says it’s okay, though admits his mom has no idea who her step-dad is. Oscar gets a text back from his mom, who accepts Carly’s invite. They get back to the mystery of Oscar’s dad, and he reveals he thinks his dad may have been in the navy. Joss realizes the Iraq war began in 2003, so perhaps he went to war. Oscar did some looking and found deployment records from San Diego of a naval pilot that was wounded and sent home named Oscar O’Brien. Joss finds him on MyFace and thinks he looks a lot like Oscar. They discuss how to move forward, and Oscar thanks her for being on his side through this. The two kiss.

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Six-Sonny-answers-GH-ABC At the Metro Court, Six and Sonny discuss who would have wanted to screw with his life like this. Sonny suspects Faison and Obrecht are the best possibly candidates, but Obrecht is out of town and Faison is missing. Six asks Sonny how business has been, and he confesses he was trying to get out of it for a while. He tells him about branching out into Perks, which was really for Morgan. They talk about Morgan’s bipolar disorder and his death. Carly finds them together and is so happy to see them because it’s like old times. Sonny gets a call and excuses himself, and Carly goes to the bar to grab a drink. Ava and Griffin walk in, and Six walks over to say hello. He thanks them both for their help in Russia. Carly sees them talking and rushes over to tell him to stop talking to Ava because she’s the reason Morgan is dead. Carly exposes Ava’s pill switch to Six. Six tells Ava he paid his debt to her and now they are done. He walks away, and Ava tells Carly she must be happy to have two men to fight her battles for her now. Carly gloats that Ava is still scarred and will stay that way, which is a fitting punishment. She tells Griffin he can’t save Ava, and one day he’ll see her scars on the inside and will leave her for someone younger and more beautiful. Carly returns to Six and Sonny, and Six decides to take a walk to clear his head.

Nelle meets with the tabloid publisher in his office and looks over his offer. They work out a deal, and Nelle dishes to the guy that Ask Man Landers is a fraud. She reveals that Amy Driscoll is the real Ask Man Landers. Nelle lays out all the evidence she’s gathered on Nathan and Amy’s scam, and implicates Maxie and Nina in on the game. He pays Nelle and tells her this not only will tank Ask Man Landers, but Crimson as well. Nelle is okay with that.

Back at Maxie’s, Nathan and Amy walk in on Maxie informing Chet that his sister is Ask Man Landers.

Six takes a walk up to the footbridge where he is stunned to run into someone.

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