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Maxie looks forward to her and Nathan’s shared day off at home. Her husband breaks it to her that he’s meeting Amy. He thinks she needs a friend. On his way out, Nathan passes Lulu, who brought lunch. The friends eat as Lulu asks Maxie to read an article she wrote for a parenting publication. As Maxie peruses it, she bolts out of the room covering her mouth. After throwing up, Maxie assures Lulu it wasn’t her food or her article that made her sick and then runs out of the room again. Lulu exclaims, “Maxie Jones. You’re pregnant!” Maxie returns and insists she’s not. She’s just stressed. Besides, she and Nathan haven’t talked about having their own children right now. Maxie loves her life the way it is. The last thing she needs is a complication. Lulu encourages her to take a test. Maxie is sure she’s not pregnant and Lulu leaves. Later, a stressed Maxie returns with a pregnancy test.

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laura-interviews-nelle-gh-abcIn Laura’s office, Nelle interviews for a child care position at the hospital. Laura questions her about why she left her position with Nina in publishing. A sugary sweet Nelle explains she missed working with kids and the daycare center is perfect for her. Laura notes she has the experience and they discuss benefits. Laura adds that she’d get paid every two weeks. This causes concern for Nelle who would like to be paid every week. She recovers from the disappointment, as an encouraging Laura muses the rest of the hiring process will be just a formality. Nelle leaves to see the child care center. Lulu enters as Laura tells someone over the phone that Nelle is an ideal candidate. Lulu tells her mother to hang up and says there’s a lot she doesn’t know about the former nanny/assistant. Nelle returns to Laura who asks why she lied about being fired from Crimson. Nelle thanks her for her time and walks away.

nathan-encourages-amy-gh-abcAt the nurses’ hub, Nathan gives Amy the first paperback version of Ask Man Landers. She’s thrilled until she remembers that Chet, who she did all this for, doesn’t want her help. Nathan urges her to read her own words of encouragement from the book. Amy reads a passage about those dealing with a loved one suffering from addiction and how they aren’t alone. As Nathan assures her he’s there for her, Nelle observes them from afar. She recalls overhearing Maxie and Nathan talking about the real Man Landers and calls a celebrity rag to sell them some gossip.

alexis-needs-valentin-gh-abc Alexis asks Valentin at Wyndemere if he paid for Olivia Jerome’s legal fees. Valentin smugly denies it. Undeterred, she orders him to instruct Nora Buchanan to get Olivia to help Julian. If not, she will tell Sonny that Valentin is protecting the woman who killed his son.

Valentin heads to Llanview to see Nora in her office. He wants her to have Olivia make a statement exonerating Julian. When Nora questions his request, Valentin threatens to pull his payment for Olivia’s legal fees. Nora reluctantly agrees and calls to make an appointment to talk to Olivia.

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scott-says-julian-needs-miracle-gh-abcScotty visits Julian in Pentonville and gets chewed out for talking to Alexis. They bicker and talk about the danger Julian is in. Scotty confesses that he doesn’t have any ammunition for an appeal. If Julian has a silver bullet he needs to use it now. Julian thinks that’s his job. Scotty retorts that they need a miracle to get him out of there. If he can’t come up with something, Julian could spend the next 15 years in there. As Julian is escorted back to his cell, the guard tells him to watch his back tonight.

Scotty comes upon Alexis at the Metro Court bar and they discuss Julian. Scott thinks her renewed interest in Julian has finally given him life, but he’s worried Julian won’t even make it through the night.

nina-knows-cassandra-is-lying-gh-abcNina greets Cassandra at the Metro Court. They sit for lunch and Nina confronts her new friend about lying to her about knowing Valentin. Cassandra squirms, but Nina says she doesn’t blame her. She acts friendly and questions Cassandra about her health. Cassandra brings up her doctor and how she’s attracted to Finn, but he is dating Anna. Hearing the agent’s name puts Nina on edge. Nina explains her issues with Anna and jokingly tells Cassandra to ask Ava Jerome what she’s capable of when it comes to keeping her man. The women nervously laugh over the casual threat. Nina wants them to be friends. Cassandra agrees before making her exit. Alone, Nina’s smile fades, as she says to herself, “Keep your friends close.”

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