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Valentin-works-with-Cassandra-GH-ABC At Wyndemere, Valentin explains to Nina that Cassandra is pushing opioids, and he’s working with Anna in order to take her down from the inside. Nina hates the idea, but understands it is necessary. Valentin apologizes that she and Charlotte are paying the price for his past mistakes. She accepts his apology.

Anna-Jordan-wonder-Andre-GH-ABC At GH, Anna finds Monica explaining to Jordan that Andre has abandoned his position without even a letter of resignation. Anna learns Jordan has an APB out on Andre in regard to the Jason and Drew Morgan mix-up. She knows how it feels to come face to face with your twin living your life, and wonders if Andre knows which one is the real Jason. Anna explains to Jordan that Andre was working on a procedure to copy someone’s memory and put it into another person, and when the WSB canceled the program, he quit soon after. Jordan wonders if he continued his research. Anna says it would explain the two Jasons.

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Alexis-meets-with-Diane-GH-ABC Carly meets with Diane at the Metro Court, but Diane can’t do anything until Jason gives her the authorization. Carly says she’ll get it and takes off. Alexis finds Diane and asks for her help dealing with Nora Buchannan and Olivia Jerome. Diane can’t believe Alexis is getting involved with Julian’s mess again. Alexis explains Julian’s been attacked and he is going to wind up dead if someone doesn’t do something. Up in his room, Six has a nightmare that he burst in on Jason and Sam and shot Jason to Sam’s disgust. Carly knocks on his door and he answers it. They discuss the complicated situation. Six knows Sam loves the other guy, and he can’t move against him because it would hurt Sam. Carly urges him to fight for Sam and for himself. He reveals his nightmare to Carly, and he hates seeing Sam caught in the middle. Carly says she’s in the middle and has to make a choice. There is a knock at the door and Carly answers it, thinking it’s Diane. It’s Monica who has come to see Six. Carly leaves them, and Monica tells him that she’s so happy to see him.

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At Jason and Sam’s place, Jason refuses to let his twin take his life, and he knows Sonny and Carly will back this other guy because they want the old Jason back so bad. They discuss the situation before Jason leaves to meet with someone he’s interviewing for the CEO position of Aurora Media. Once he’s gone, Sam has flashbacks of the old Jason. Later, Carly drops by to talk to Sam about Jason. The two argue about Jason, who Carly doesn’t believe is the real Jason and she thinks Sam knows it too. Carly tells her that Andrew is a good man and loves her, but Jason owns her heart and soul. She tells Sam she has to make a choice.

Monica-happy-GH-ABCAt the Metro Court Jason meets with Peter August, (played by Wes Ramsey) at the bar. Jason is impressed by his resume, but August asks Jason if he’s actually Jason Morgan. Jason explains his long-lost twin has surfaced, and he knows there are rumors about his identity, but he promises that he is Jason Morgan. In the dining area, Alexis tells Diane that aside from Julian’s accident in prison, she can’t help but wonder who would pay Nora Buchanan to defend Liv Jerome. Diane pulls up some records and finds Nora represented Valentin the same day at his custody hearing. Alexis thinks Valentin may be involved and takes off. Jason swoops in after Alexis leaves and asks for her help dealing with his twin. Diane can’t help him and resigns as his attorney because she no longer believes he is Jason Morgan. Back in Six’s room, Monica can’t believe that Heather and Susan denied her and Alan the chance to raise both the twins together. Six liked his life, but regrets how unfair he was to her and the family. He knows she loves him and he loves her too. Monica hugs him. She feels this will take a long time to sort out, and she hopes he and his brother can find a way to be a family. Six doesn’t know if that is possible. Six heads down in the bar and runs into Jason, who is on his way out. Jason tells him that his lawyer is waiting for him. Six meets with Diane, who urges Six to fight for his identity, and to do that they need to get his very first arrest records which should have his fingerprints.

Alexis shows up at Wyndemere and asks Valentin what his association with Olivia Jerome is.

At Crimson, Nina calls Cassandra and suggests they meet at the Metro Court.

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