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Alexis heads to Llanview to see Nora. She introduces herself and tells Nora about Julian’s hardships in prison. Alexis claims that Olivia is the only person who can help him. A statement from her about the threats she made might make the court more sympathetic to her brother. Nora shuts that down. Alexis wonders who is paying her retainer. Buchanan won’t explain and shows her the door.

Maxie tells Lulu her idea-GH-ABCNelle walks into the Crimson office. Maxie catches her and threatens to call security. Lulu intrudes as Maxie sees Nelle out. Maxie and Lulu chat about her being back at the magazine and the article about Man Landers, which is mostly about Maxie. She admits she fudged some of the details and they discuss the lives they’ve made. Lulu admits she’s bored now that Charlotte’s custody is settled. Maxie thinks she should come back to work and starts clapping. Lulu says there’s no chance and reminds her of why Nina fired her. Falconeri has always dreamed of being an investigative reporter but she doubts she’s up to it. Her friend gives her a pep talk.

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Jason and Sam get news from Jordan-GH-ABCAt the Corinthos compound, Jordan announces that both Jason and Six are an exact match for Jason Morgan’s DNA. Everyone is confused. Jason assumes they are identical twins and accuses Six of trying to steal his life. He and Six tell the story of Drew to the others. Sonny assumes both men are telling the truth as they know it. Jordan explains that Helena had someone hack into the police database and eliminate Jason’s records. Since Betsy has vanished, they decide to get answers from someone else.

Michael offer Nelle peace-GH-ABCMichael plops down at the bar of the Floating Rib and has a scotch. Nelle comes in, sees him, and decides to leave. He encourages her not to. She joins him and fills him in about getting canned at work. He suggests she stand up to Maxie. And pays for her drink. She thanks him and exits. Michael lets out a big sigh. Meanwhile, Sonny and Carly arrive. They are sure Sam is married to Drew and her life is about to fall apart. He worries that their Jason will give up Sam.

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Scott wants answers from Franco-GH-ABCAt home, Liz surprises Franco as he prepares a romantic evening for them. She’s thinking about Six claiming to be Jason. They discuss her feelings and she assures Franco that she loves him, regardless of who the real Jason is. She asks him to drop the charges but he’s reluctant. Scott rings the doorbell until his son answers. They stand on the porch and Scott warns his son that he’s making things worse. He thinks Franco should clarify who the real Jason is. Franco worries he could lose Liz. She interrupts, then Sam, Jason, Six and Jordan show up, looking for answers. Franco tells them that Andre gave him Drew’s death certificate and then disappeared. Jordan is perplexed and decides to put out an APB. Everyone leaves Franco and Liz alone. She’s confused by Andre’s actions. When she heads to bed, he burns a document about the Jasons. Outside, Six insists that Franco is playing mind games. Sam reminds the men that they are brothers and need to get along.

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Chet asks Nathan to take Amy out-GH-ABCNathan stops by the hospital to see Amy. She complains about her brother’s problems. Since she can’t get through to him about his drug issues, she hopes Nathan can. They go in to see Chet and the cop tells him he should talk to someone about his trauma. Chet recognizes him as Man Landers and doesn’t want any advice. Amy pouts her way out and the cop trails after her. She tells him how much pain her brother is in and Nathan tells her she has to give Chet some space. He promises to be there for her. Moments later, she heads to her brother’s room and tells him he’ll be discharged tomorrow… and he’ll be staying with her. He objects but she rejects that and threatens to send him to the psych ward if he refuses.

Nathan goes to see Maxie at Crimson. As they discuss Amy and her brother, Nelle sneaks in and eavesdrops, learning all about the Man Landers situation.

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