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Alexis and Monica attend an AA meeting at GH. Alexis offers to listen to Monica if she needs to talk more personally about the man with Jason’s face popping up. Monica tells Alexis to put her energy into helping Sam, because she’ll be fine. The women exit the meeting and Alexis runs into Dr. Bensch. He apologizes for missing Sam and Jason’s party, but Alexis thinks it was for the best. He offers to make it up to her, but she says there’s a lot going on in her life right now. She doesn’t want him to wait around for her, but Bensch says she’s worth it.

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At Ava’s, she and Kiki try to make sense of Klein’s medical research. Ava is hopeful she can be herself again, but Kiki is more cautious considering they don’t know anything about Klein’s work. Ava accuses her of not wanting her to fully heal so she can be the beauty of the family. Kiki is offended and Ava apologizes, worried Griffin will dump her for someone without her baggage or her face. Kiki is concerned about her mother’s lack of confidence. When Alexis knocks at the door, Kiki swipes the flash drive and leaves. Alexis tells Ava Julian is in trouble. Ava is unfazed. Alexis explains Julian’s dire situation and implores Ava to use her connections to help him. Ava accuses Alexis of still being in love with her brother. An exasperated Alexis wants Ava to stop digging at her and care about Julian. Ava reminds her the Jerome influence is dead and suggests Alexis toughen up. Once alone, Ava returns to her laptop and panics upon discovering the flash drive is gone. She looks at the door and says, “Kiki.”

Episode # 13929Kiki finds Griffin and Bensch at the hospital and asks for their help with the flash drive. The doctors say the research looks sound but it’s untested. They agree that no doctor in their right mind would get involved. Later, Ava arrives and finds Griffin. He says he looked at the research and shares his and Bensch’s concerns, but Ava knows Griffin can help her.

 In an alley, Alexis makes a call about Olivia Jerome and learns Nora Buchanan is her lawyer.

Jordan visits Carly and Sonny at Pozzulo’s. She questions Sonny about posting Klein’s bail, but Sonny’s more interested in the test results regarding Jason. Jordan declares they will have to wait for them, despite Carly’s inpatient pleas. Talk returns to Klein. Sonny tells Jordan the shady doctor got a call from someone in Port Charles. Jordan wants Klein’s phone. Sonny smirks that he’ll look for it. Jordan reminds Sonny when he does things alone, people get killed. She leaves and Carly and Sonny discuss the man they are again calling Jake Doe. They know he was always loyal to them. They can’t abandon him.

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Episode # 13929Jason enters the Quartermaine crypt, but he’s not sure why he’s there. As Jason turns to leave, he sees Monica. She got a call from the groundskeeper that someone was skulking around. He asks if Six came to see her. He hasn’t and she’s grateful for that. She hugs him, saying he will always be her son. Jason responds that Six might be too and fills her in on the twin story. Jason promises a shocked Monica he’ll find the answers, whatever they may be. She tells him this is his home and she’s there for him. Once alone, Monica flashes to conversations with both Jasons and tells Alan’s headstone they’re on a verge of a real miracle. She wishes he was around to witness it.

Episode # 13929An emotional Sam lets Six into her home, but she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for him to stay. They hear Scout cry over the baby monitor. Sam gets her daughter and Six learns the baby is named after Emily. He is touched and thanks Sam. They discuss their bizarre situation, his time at the clinic and Ava. Sam fills him in on her family history. She wistfully tells Six about Alexis loving Julian, which is a love that can’t be denied or shut down. All you can do is choose not to act on it and accept that the person you’ll always love can’t be in your life. Sam goes to the kitchen to get Scout a bottle. Six picks the baby up and tells her about his and Sam’s history. Jason returns and angrily orders Six to get away from his daughter. Sam returns and tries to calm Jason down. Sonny and Carly arrive, with Jordan following in behind. Jordan has the test results. She tells both men they are a DNA match for Jason Morgan.

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