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MAxie-Nathan-amy-GH-ABC Cliff the photographer (played by West Lang) snaps photos of Nathan and Maxie at home for the behind the scenes expose about Mrs. Ask Man Landers. In the background, Amy works on a laptop writing the article to accompany the photos. After Cliff finishes and leaves, Amy fumes because she had better things to do, and she’s worried because she hasn’t heard from Chet. Maxie believes she can write the article and tells Amy she’s free to go, but Nathan reminds Maxie that they need Amy’s help with the Ask Man Landers part of the article. Amy finishes and says she’s off to her real job, and hopefully to try and get in touch with Chet. Nathan excuses himself to take a shower, giving Maxie a chance to sneak a peek at Amy’s article. She exclaims it won’t do and gets to work punching it up a little. Nathan returns after his shower to find Maxie working on the laptop tweaking the story. He doesn’t like her adding extra details which could blow their cover, but Maxie doesn’t care and sends the article to Crimson.

Finn-monica-terminal-gH-ABC At GH, Monica speaks with Finn about a new patient just brought in. Finn looks over the patient’s charts and discovers he’s battling pneumonia made more problematic by an opioid overdose. Monica and Finn learn the man has extensive injuries and appears to have recovered from numerous surgeries, which is likely how he became addicted to pills. She suspects he’s a veteran, and thanks Finn for helping. Monica wishes there was a way to cut off this supply of synthetic opioids that is causing such a problem in the country. Later, Amy arrives at work and is told that Dr. Finn needs to know if there is any change with the new patient no matter what hour of the day or night. Amy reads over his chart, walks into his room and is stunned to see her brother Chet (played by Chris Van Etten).

Valentin-warns-Anna-GH-ABC At her place, Anna asks Valentin to work with Cassandra and be her inside man, but Valentin refuses. He threatens to blow her investigation if she doesn’t back off. Anna throws statics about drug overdoses at him to try and sway him. He wants her to bring down Cassandra, but he just doesn’t want to be a part of it. Valentin leaves, leaving Anna in a bind.

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Cassandra-meets-Nina-GH-ABC Cassandra spies Nina and Charlotte enjoying sundaes at the Metro Court after returning from an ice skating show. She decides it is time to take things up a notch. Her henchmen photographs Cassandra accidentally running into Nina and Charlotte and introducing herself as Cassie White. She notices Charlotte has ice skates, and uses it to make conversation. Cassandra tells them about her past as a skater, and gives Charlotte some advice on the sport. She hopes she runs into them on the ice rink this winter, and suggests they take a selfie before she heads out. They take the photo, and she asks to exchange numbers with Nina to get together for lunch sometime. Nina gives Cassandra her number, and then she and Charlotte leave. Cassandra returns to her henchman and looks through the photos he took. She waits for Valentin, who she texted to come over. Valentin arrives, and Cassandra shares the photos and story of meeting his wife and daughter. She wonders what Charlotte would think of her papa if she knew what he did to Claudette. Valentin agrees to help Cassandra.

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Julian-prison-beatdown-GH-ABC Alexis speaks with Julian at one of the glass visitation booths in the prison. He shows signs of a fight, and she asks why this happened to him. Julian is shocked she is here because he thought they agreed to go their separate ways, and he asks Alexis to let this go. She won’t and again asks what happened. Julian tells her she knows very well that bad things happen in prison, but she suspects he’s keeping something from her. Julian doesn’t want her here, and rants this is all one of Baldwin’s stupid plans, so he refuses to discuss things with her because they are not in one another’s lives anymore. Alexis says given she is here there is something he needs to know about. She fills him in on the two Jasons, and warns him to be careful in there. Julian realizes they really have nothing else to say to one another. Alexis responds, “No, we don’t.” Julian gets up to leave, and another inmate slams him into the wall, which Alexis witnesses.

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