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Liz drops by the jail cells to see Six. “It’s me. Jason,” he claims. They discuss Jake’s miraculous survival and Six says he still plans to go after Franco. She tells him that Franco has changed. He doesn’t care that Franco had a tumor. Liz tells him how important the artist is to her. Six still doesn’t care. She explains that Franco has been digging into lies that Heather told and discovered that Jason might have a twin… but he’s dead. Liz confesses everything she did since Jason supposedly died. Six can understand why she tried to steal Jason from Sam. “Deep down, you knew he wasn’t me,” he suggests. She disagrees.

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Jason and Sam discuss Six-GH-ABCAt home, Jason and Sam discuss their situation. He promises that he will find out what Six wants and assures her he’s a fraud. “You are the man I love,” she says. He needs her to confirm that she knows he’s the real Jason. She cries. The phone rings. Curtis sends him a drawing Franco did of Six and Andrew’s death certificate. He and Sam notice that he has the same birthday as Andrew.

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Cassandra tells Finn she's staying-GH-ABCIn his office, Finn goes over Cassandra’s test results with her. They suggest she’s in the clear. She’s disappointed that she won’t have an excuse to see him anymore and questions him about breaking up with Anna. He won’t explain. Cassandra says she’ll be staying in Port Charles for a while. She makes it clear that she’d like something other than a professional relationship with him. He promises to call her when her final lab results come in. After she leaves, he bumps into nurse Kim, who tells him that she’s just had the third OD of the week. Down the hall, Franco enters the art therapy room, disturbed to find the door open. Diane shows up and announces she’s defending Six and tries to talk him into dropping charges against her client. He wants Six to rot in jail. The lawyer warns him not to drag this to trial. After she leaves, Jason and Sam barge in to interrogate him about Andrew. Franco explains that Andrew is Jason’s twin. He tells them the story and insists that Andrew is dead. He’s sorry Jason isn’t getting the ending he wanted. Jason leaves with the picture of Franco and the twin. Sam stays to give Franco a warning. She can’t wait to see him destroyed by Six. Franco wonders if her husband knows that she thinks Six is the real Jason. She trails after her husband. He tells her how crazy all of this is. Sam promises to have his back and gives him a hug. Scott gives Alexis an update-GH-ABCMeanwhile, Scott corners Alexis by the elevators and informs her that Julian is in big trouble. He was nearly beaten to death. Scott asks her to give Julian some motivation to survive. He pleads until Diane interrupts and sends him away. Diane tells her friend that Julian is trying to manipulate her. She worries that her friend is not ‘detoxing’ herself from Julian. Alexis may not want him in her life, but she doesn’t want him dead.

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After Anna jogs home, she’s startled to find Valentin there. She threatens to shoot him. He nonchalantly questions her about Finn and suggests their ‘relationship’ is just a performance to get to him and Cassandra. She refuses to discuss this and threatens him again. Before he can leave, Anna stops him and explains she thinks Cassandra is dealing opioids. Valentin assures her that he may be a thief and killer but he’s not a dope dealer. Anna asks him to become her spy.

Alexis goes to Pentonville. A bruised Julian is led out to meet her.

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