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griffin-wants-ava-to-say-yes-gh-abcAva runs into Griffin at the hospital. She tells him she got the all clear on her checkup, but she bemoans the fact that Dr. Klein didn’t finish her treatment. Griffin tells her she’s beautiful. She mentions the show she’s booking at the gallery and he suggests they celebrate. Ava balks, but he won’t take no for an answer.

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At the Metro Court, Diane shares her doubts with Sonny aboutdiane-thinks-sonny-is-being-played-gh-abc Six being Jason. After much back and forth, Diane leaves. Sonny sees Ava and Griffin walk in. Griffin steps away to take a call and Sonny approaches Ava for answers about Jason. She tells him what she knows, but Sonny continues to grill her. Griffin returns to defend Ava and then tells Sonny he’s no longer a priest. Sonny is shocked he did it for Ava and suggests he be the one to pray for Griffin. Ava and Griffin sit at a table. Ava worries about corrupting Griffin, but the former priest denies it. They agree to enjoy the evening.

dr-klein-in-jail-gh-abcCurtis finds Jordan at the police station and sees Six in the interrogation room. He notes Six is a dead ringer for the photos he’s seen of the old Jason Morgan. Scott arrives and gets a look at Six, learns he’s calling himself Jason Morgan and quickly leaves. Curtis gets called away, as Six is taken to a cell across from Dr. Klein. Six interrogates Klein about his time in the clinic when Diane enters. She tells Six she always had her doubts about the other Jason, but there’s no doubt in her mind that the man she is looking at is the only Jason Morgan. She wants to get him out of there, but he won’t budge until he is done with Klein and asks her to get a message to Sonny. Diane heads back upstairs to the precinct and runs into Sonny. She tells him Jason said to start with Klein for answers.

Alexis comes to the hospital to see Sam. Jason, who is still at her bedside, tells Alexis how Six saved Sam, calling him an imposter. Jason gets a message on his phone and then leaves to talk to Epiphany about discharging his wife.

curtis-has-jasons-back-gh-abcJason meets Curtis in the hospital hallway and hires him to figure out who Six is. Curtis is onboard, but doesn’t know where to begin. Jason tells him to start with Franco.

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Back in Sam’s room, Alexis asks her daughter that if Six’s story is true, and he is Jason, where does that leave Sam and her husband? Sam loves her husband, their family and their life together. Alexis notes it’s a life without Sonny and Carly and how un-like Jason that is. Jason returns.

Jason carries Sam into their home and they sit on the couch. Sam brings up their company, but Jason only carries about her wellbeing. He doesn’t know what he’d do if he lost her. They cuddle, as Jason promises to figure out what Six wants, insisting that Six is a stranger. He is her husband.

franco-tells-liz-about-six-gh-abcIn the hospital hallway, Franco admits to Liz that he knows what happened to Andrew. Liz wants to tell everyone, but Franco stops her, declaring Andrew is dead. He shows her the death certificate that Andre produced. Liz questions the authenticity of it, but thinks they should give Jason and Sam all the information they have. They debate it, as Scott runs up and pulls Franco away.

Father and son go into Franco’s office, where Scott learns the truth about Six and Jason. Scott urges his son to tell the truth, but Franco can’t lose the woman he loves. Franco begs his father to keep the secret. Scott agrees, but warns this will end badly for him. They walk out as Scott gets a call. He finds Alexis to talk about Julian, as Curtis breaks into Franco’s office. Curtis picks the lock on a file cabinet and finds the death certificate.

Monica finds Liz at the nurses’ station. Liz fills her in on Six attacking Franco and how Six is in police custody. Liz thinks Six acted exactly like the old Jason, but Monica doesn’t accept that Six could be Jason. She knows in her heart that the Jason with the new face is her son.

After leaving the hospital, Elizabeth visits Six in jail.

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