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Sam-shocked-Six-GH-ABC Six enters Sam’s room at GH, and she can’t believe it’s him. Danny walks in and asks who Six is. Six recognizes Danny, and tells him that he’s a friend of his mom’s. Jason arrives and demands Six get away from his son. Carly quickly swoops in and whisks Danny off to check out the playroom. Six doesn’t know what happened but he does know he is Jason Morgan. Jason refuses to believe him and insists this is some kind of setup or trick. Six asks Sam why Danny looks a lot like Jake. Sam tells him that Danny isn’t Franco’s son, that he is her son with Jason. Sam takes Jason’s hand, and Jason orders Six to leave. Jason-Carly-talk-2-GH-ABC Carly returns and reveals she’s the one that pushed Six to go there. Yelling ensues, bringing Epiphany running. She is stunned to see Six, but kicks everyone out of so Sam can rest. Liz finds Franco in Andre’s office and asks what he’s doing. He hides Andre’s printout in his back pocket, and she assumes Franco is there to get his painting back. Liz wonders where Andre is. Franco tells her that he got some news and seemingly left Port Charles. They head out to the hall, where Six spots Franco and begins to pummel him. Carly screams at Six to stop, while Liz looks on stunned. Epiphany arrives and yells for security. Carly pulls Six off of Franco, and Six asks why he’s still alive. Two guards appear and drag Six off. Jason confronts Carly about believing Six, and asks who he is if that guy is the real Jason. Carly wishes she knew. Liz tends to Franco, and realizes that Six must be Jason’s not-so-dead twin Drew, and that Franco knew.

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Klein-yells-Valentin-GH-ABC On the docks, Valentin meets with Klein, who begs Valentin to get him out of Port Charles. Klein reminds him that he’s done excellent work for him in the past and can do so in the future. Valentin makes a call to arrange someone to come transport Klein. Later, the cops arrive, and Valentin tells Klein that he wouldn’t help him escape after his goons almost killed his wife. As the cops arrest Klein, he warns Valentin one day someone will sell him out the same way.

Finn-meets-Cassandra-GH-ABC Cassandra meets with Finn at the Metro Court. She asks about her test results. He’d rather discuss that at their appointment this afternoon. Cassandra agrees to be patient, and invites him and Anna to dinner tonight. He agrees to run the idea by Anna and leaves.

Andre-goodbye-GH-ABC Andre drops by Anna’s place to say goodbye. He asks her to remember that no matter what she may hear that he always wanted to help people. She realizes something is wrong and begs him to tell her. He explains a choice he made before he came to town is catching up with him. Andre reveals he had set out to conquer the issue of one losing their memory and very identity, and what he thought would be his legacy has turned into his curse. She decides to make them tea and so they can talk. When she returns with the tea she finds Andre is gone. Anna races out the door.

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At GH, Finn runs into Anna, who was hoping Andre might be here. She found his office empty, and asks Finn if he knows anything. Finn doesn’t. He informs Anna about his run in with Cassandra, and that he didn’t tell her about their break-up so he didn’t screw up her operation. Elsewhere, Franco admits to Liz that Jason’s twin is alive.

At the PCPD, Carly tells Six about Franco’s brain tumor, which is why he’s not in jail. She also tells him that he’s not related to Franco after all, and that she almost married the guy. Suddenly Klein is brought in, and Six recognizes him. He tells Carly that Sam’s husband was right about one thing, both of them have been set up by someone else.

On the next General Hospital:

In an alley, Andre burns all his research documents in a garbage can.

Griffin tells Ava that he won’t take no for an answer.

Franco tells Liz that he knows what happened to Jason’s twin.

Alexis sits with Sam and wonders if that man is Jason.

Jason goes to Curtis for help.

Diane warns Sonny that he may be getting played.

Fix and Klein are put in adjoining cells. Six wants to talk.

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