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amy-nathan-gh-abcNathan comes home after pulling an overnighter to an overcompensating Maxie. He assumes she’s trying to butter him up before talking about the Man Landers charade. Amy stops by upon Maxie’s request. Maxie details her idea using Man Landers to get her job back at Crimson. Amy tells her it’s a terrible idea and that the ruse is over. She happily adds that her brother Chet is on his way home. Maxie looks forward to seeing her old classmate, but Amy reminds her Chet is different now. Maxie implores them to keep up the charade for a couple more weeks for the sake of her job, but Nathan and Amy can’t risk their jobs by committing fraud. Amy accuses Maxie of making it all about herself. Maxie reminds Amy of everything she’s put up with calls her the self-absorbed one before stalking out of the room. When Maxie returns, Amy and Nathan apologize and agree to the plan. Amy gets a message from Chet who says his trip has been delayed. She is upset that he didn’t give more of an explanation. Amy leaves after reassuring Maxie she’ll go along with the Man Landers ruse. Once alone, Maxie and Nathan kiss and then head to the bedroom.

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Franco surprises Andre in his office demanding the truth about Andrew. Andre admits Andrew is alive, but frantically tries to put off his ensuing questions. Franco threatens to call the police. Andre relents and confesses to inventing a program to copy one person’s memories to put into another person. The WSB backed away from the project citing ethical concerns but he was so close to a breakthrough, he jumped at funding from another source. Five years ago, he was presented with a shooting victim rescued from the waters of Port Charles. He didn’t know who the subject was, only that he had an identical twin. Franco is dumbstruck, as Andre further explains that he doesn’t know of a way to put memories back. Andre confirms that two men now think they are the same person, leading Franco to obsesses over which Jason is the one who truly hates him. Andre packs up his stuff and leaves Franco with a document. He hopes Franco can undo the damage he’s done. Andre exits as Franco looks at the paper and says, “Oh, my God.”

michael-dante-gh-abcMichael arrives at the police station to see the man who is calling himself Jason Morgan. Dante tells his brother Six has been released. They discuss the possibility of Six being Jason. Michael says the new Jason never felt like Jason to him.

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six-reunites-with-carly-gh-abcSix comes to the Corinthos compound to see an anxious Carly. She runs crying into his arms. She’s so happy and relieved to see his face again, but apologizes for believing the other man was Jason. Six is understanding. She says the other man was always there when she needed him, but it wasn’t instinct, it felt more like a duty. The love wasn’t there. Through tears she says she instinctively knows Six is Jason. He tells her about his time at the clinic and how he escaped. They talk about all the changes over the five years he lost and he mentions Morgan. Carly cries as she talks about her son, but she wants to talk about happy things now that he’s back. Carly thinks Sam will be thrilled to see him and implores him to go to the hospital. Six doesn’t think that’s a good idea. He asks if the man calling himself Jason is good to Sam. Carly confirms, but insists Sam deserves to know he’s alive.

jason-sam-gh-abcIn the hospital, Sam dreams of the two Jasons. She wakes up to the Jason with the new face. She tells him she was hallucinating that she saw his old face when he pulled her out of the water. Jason admits he wasn’t the one who saved her. He explains about the man who thinks he’s Jason and how Carly and Sonny believe him. He shares that Six wouldn’t put her down at Sonny’s house or walk away until Sonny said it was ok. He tells her that’s proof he’s the real Jason because he would never leave her side. Sam grows tired. Before leaving, Jason tells her he loves her and that they will get through this.

Carly leads Six off the hospital elevator. He hesitates outside Sam’s room until Carly urges him to go in. He enters. Sam opens her eyes and says, “It was real. It is you.”

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