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Kevin-Laura-dinner-GH-ABC Kevin, in a tux, meets Laura who is all dolled up for an old-Hollywood themed Halloween party. However, the party is just a ruse, and Kevin surprises her with a romantic evening for two. They discuss their future together, and Kevin finally gets down on one knee and proposes. Laura accepts, and Kevin slips a ring on her finger. They kiss. Kevin puts on some music, and asks Laura for a dance.

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Finn-wants-out-GH-ABC Finn drops by to see Anna at her place. He got Cassandra’s test results and they showed nothing is wrong with her, so it’s time they end this ruse. He refuses to wrongly diagnose her with something because it could cost her his medical license, which is all he has left. Anna understands why Finn wants out, and would never take his job away from him. He thanks her.

Klein-Andre-meet-GH-ABC Klein and Andre meet in an alleyway. Andre is furious with him for putting innocent people in danger, which he did not sign up for. He simply wanted to finish his research and be a part of a study, and he knew the organization was shady, but he didn’t expect this. Klein rants that he wasn’t fully informed about the nature of Patient Six by their employer. Andre says now he’s made his way home to the people he believes are his family. Andre decides to cut ties with Klein and look out for himself. He wishes him luck and walks off.

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Nina and Valentin walk along the pier when they hear a mysterious voice. Out of the shadows crawls Devlin, the man that kidnapped Sam, and he’s been shot. Nina calls an ambulance, while Valentin speaks to him. In French, Devlin asks Valentine to contact Dr. Klein because he’ll know what to do. Valentin wonders how he knows Klein.

Dante updates Jordan on the situation at the PCPD about Sam’s kidnapping and the mysterious man who came through the skylight. She leaves to question Sonny, and Dante gets a call about the man on the pier.

Sonny-two-Jasons-GH-ABC Carly and Jason are stunned when Patient Six enters Sonny’s place carrying an unconscious Sam. Sam wakes up and passes back out after briefly looking at Six. Six puts Sam on the couch and Jason tends to her, while Carly stares at Six. Jason says they have to get her to a hospital, so Carly calls an ambulance. Jordan walks in and is stunned to find the man who crashed through the skylight there. She asks him to come down to the station and answer some questions, and he agrees. They leave, and Jason urges Sam to hold on and fight.

Dante-questions-Valentin-GH-ABC Dante arrives on the pier and recognizes Devlin. He asks where Sam is, but the guy only speaks French, so Valentin translates. Devlin says the patient took Sam, and Valentin tells Dante that the man just keeps asking for a doctor. After Devlin is taken to the hospital, Nina questions Valentin about what the man really said to him. She heard the name Klein and asks who it is. Valentin claims he simply just said he was bringing a girl to someone, and he was pretty out of it. Valentin gets a text, looks at his phone, and it is Klein asking for help. Nina asks if it is important. Valentin says it’s not.

Sam is admitted to the ER where she wakes up and remembers seeing “him.” She falls back asleep. Outside of Sam’s room, Jason questions Sonny about the imposter. Sonny calls the man Jason, which upsets Jason. Dante finds them talking about Six, and Sonny tells Dante about Six saving Sam’s life. The doctor comes out and tells them that Sam will make a full recovery. Jason goes to see Sam, and Dante asks Sonny who the induvial that rescued Sam is. Sonny tells him it’s Jason Morgan. In her room, Jason sits with Sam, and admits he doesn’t know what is going on. He swears he is her Jason and he loves her and their life, and they will make it.

Back at the PCPD, Jordan questions Six, but he has nothing to say without his attorney. Carly bursts in on them and tells Six that Diane is on her way so he shouldn’t say anything. Jordan threatens to arrest Six if he doesn’t want to cooperate, but he still refuses to speak. Jordan is forced to put Six under arrest and says she’ll run his prints. Carly reveals it will show him to be Jason Morgan.

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