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On the pier, Klein dumps Sam in the harbor and runs. Patient Six leaps in after her. After a few dives, he finds her and pulls her to the surface. She coughs up some water. “You’re here,” she says before passing out. He picks her up and runs.

Jordan arrives at the Metro Court. Dante fills her in on what happened.

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Monica fills Liz in-GH-ABCAt the hospital, Monica tells Jason that Sam has been taken hostage. Franco joins them as Monica explains. Andre eavesdrops from around the corner. Jordan arrives and Jason takes off to find his wife. The commissioner questions Monica, who explains that what she saw wasn’t possible but won’t say more. Andre walks off to take a call. Klein insists they meet but the doctor thinks that’s a bad idea. Meanwhile, Monica visits Liz and tells her about Sam being abducted and a man who looked like Jason went after her. Franco listens to this and then stalks after Andre, telling him they need to discuss Jason and Drew. Andre insists Drew is dead and walks off. Franco goes in to see Liz. She says Jason will save Sam just like he saved her. Down the hall, Griffin and Ava discuss what happened. She’s terrified, even though she’s used to violence. He suggests they have a change of scenery.

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Joss questions Oscar-GH-ABCJoss drops by Oscar’s. They’re in “Game of Thrones” costumes for a party and she’s eager to meet his mom. He’d sooner keep his mom out of this and explains she’s at work. Joss thinks they should make the most of having the house to themselves. She says now is the “chance to do it” and she’s been doing it for years. He’s confused. She’s talking about snooping for clues about his dad. They don’t know where to look. He wonders if he was just the product of a hookup. Joss thinks he’s too special for that to be true. She finds the Man Landers book and discovers an old letter to his mom from San Diego inside. Oscar reads it but there’s no signature, just a reminder that he gave her a gift.

Jason arrives at the Metro Court. He and Dante go over the surveillance footage. When the cop explains that Sonny came in with Six and then refused to answer questions about it, Jason takes off.

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Griffin and Ava head to the Floating Rib for drinks. They discuss Patient Six and eat corn bread until he challenges her to darts. She warns people might think they’re on a date. He says they don’t need to put a label on it. After darts, they discuss what they want. She wants more than sex. He asks her out for a second date and she agrees.

Carly refuses to believe Six is Jason-GH-ABCWhen Carly and Sonny get to the Corinthos compound, she demands some answers. He says the man who came through the skylight was Jason. That takes some explaining but it’s hard for her to digest. She refuses to believe it. Jordan arrives and announces the gunmen from the Metro Court have lawyered up. Sonny won’t answer questions about his ‘friend’. After Jordan takes off, the couple continues to debate whether or not the man is really Jason. She still refuses to believe it and reminds him of all the proof they had. Jason walks in and demands to know what is going on. Sonny claims ignorance so Jason questions him about the man he arrived with. Jason gets twitchy as Sonny refuses to help. Six walks in, carrying Sam in his arms.

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