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Ava and Griffin corner Dante at the party at the Metro Court. The cop doesn’t want to talk to her, but the doctor insists there are two dangerous men at the party. After he points them out, Dante tips off Jason. Before they can split up to kick them out, the two goons pull out their weapons and wave them around. One takes a shot at Dante while everyone drops to the floor. The bullet hits Liz. Ava calls 911 but they catch her. Sam is forced to collect the cellphones.

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Mac and Felicia have drinks with Finn and Anna-GH-ABCMac and Felicia make out at The Floating Rib as they wait for Anna and Finn to arrive. She’s eager to grill the couple and he doubts their relationship will last. Finn and Anna arrive and immediately face questions. Finn explains Anna pursued him ‘like a tiger’. It becomes clear they have nothing in common. When left alone by the women, Mac gets paternalistic and starts issuing warnings. Finn gets him to back down by claiming Anna says Mac is her hero. Over at the bar, Felicia tells Anna that Finn seems like a ‘fixer-upper’. Anna says men come and go. Her friend urges her to open her heart. Finn gets called off to work and Felicia reminds him to kiss Anna goodnight. Awkwardly, he does. She smiles to herself. The women are startled when Mac says Finn seems like a nice guy. Anna smiles more.

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Sonny and Patient Six are at the safe house discussing how he is going to reveal himself to Sam. Sonny gets a text from Carly saying she’s in trouble. They pack up their weapons.

The party is disturbed-GH-ABCSonny and Patient Six sneak into the Metro Court while police swarm the place. Klein calls one of his guys and asks him to grab Sam and get out. Back in the ballroom, Sam throws something at one of the goons and Jason wrestles him to the floor. The other goon grabs Carly and threatens to kill her. Before they can leave, Sonny strides in with his gun and threatens to kill him. The guy drops his gun and Dante arrests him. Patient Six watches all of this from the skylight. Griffin and Jason rush Liz to the hospital while Dante questions Carly. Klein’s last henchman grabs Sam, injects her with something and starts to lead her out. Six smashes the window and jumps in. Everyone is shocked but the henchman escapes with Sam. Dante and his father leave to look at surveillance footage while Monica looks for answers about Six.

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Cassandra wants Valentin-GH-ABCValentin meets with Cassandra on the docks. He hands her a dossier of suggested employees. She shoots that down. “Only you will do,” she insists. He’s flattered but can’t. Cassandra says he has no choice. She hands him a photo and offers to make sure no one else sees it if he does what she says. Nina calls and asks him to pick her up.

Andre tells Franco he knows the truth-GH-ABCIn his office, Andre shows Franco Andrew’s death certificate. It was under the family name of Moore. The shrink advises him to let it go. He can’t do that after all the lies Betsy has told him. There must be some reason for the deception. Andre points out that Andrew died of heart failure. This was not his fault. As they enter the corridor, they discuss Franco’s problems with Betsy and Andre suggests he avoid her for now. Liz is rushed by and into surgery. Soon, Griffin comes out and he and Jason explain what happened to Franco. He blames Jason and storms off. Andre overhears this and calls Klein. Meanwhile, Griffin embraces Ava and tells her how worried he was about her. Monica arrives and finds Jason. She tells him that what’s going on isn’t over.

Valentin arrives at the Metro Court. A distraught Nina fills him in. He flashes back to the photo of Claudette that Cassandra showed him.

Klein’s henchman meets his boss on the docks with Sam in tow. Klein explains that they will use her for leverage with Patient Six. Six comes out of the shadows with his gun drawn. When the henchman pulls a gun, Six shoots him. Klein uses Sam as a shield, then shoves her into the harbor and runs.

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