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At Crimson, Michael informs Nelle he knows she lied about the theater tickets, and that she told his mom they were moving in together. Nelle claims she doesn’t know why she said that to Carly, and admits she got the tickets so they didn’t have to go to Jason’s party because she didn’t want to have to face Carly. Michael refuses to play her games anymore and calls it quits with Nelle. He says he just can’t trust her because all she does is lie. Michael returns his key to her apartment. She can’t believe he is doing this because he said he loved her. Michael loved the person she led him to believe she was, and he doesn’t think she ever existed.

No-drama-Alexis-GH-ABC Molly and Alexis arrive at the Metro Court, which has been transformed into a flashy club-like setting for Sam and Jason’s big party. Neither TJ nor David could make it to the event, and Molly is just glad her mom is dating and moving on from Julian. Jason and Sam arrive at the party and are photographed by the press. At the bar, Carly scolds Klein’s men, who are posing as waiters, for not serving the guests. She runs over to greet Jason and Sam, and tells them she is determined to make sure their event goes off without a hitch.

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Andre-Kline-worry-GH-ABC At GH, Liz asks Franco if he is sure he doesn’t want to go with her tonight, but Franco feels Jason and Sam will be happy he’s not there. In his office, Andre scolds Klein for allowing Patient Six to escape and make it back to Port Charles. Andre feels too many people are getting too close to the truth about Andrew, such as Franco. Klein hands Andre an envelope to throw Franco off. Andre has no idea how Klein produced this, but it likely won’t stop Franco. Suddenly Franco bursts in to talk to Andre, and asks who Klein is. Andre says he’s with a patient, but Klein says it’s okay and leaves. Franco needs to talk to Andre about the man Jake saw, who he thinks is Andrew. Andre believes he is latching onto a dream, that Jake likely overheard him and Liz talking about Jason’s twin and it fueled his imagination. Andre hands Franco the envelope and tells him it is the proof Franco’s been looking for regarding Andrew.

At Ava’s place, Griffin thinks they should call the police about Patient Six, but Ava refuses. She thinks they should go to Jason and Sam’s launch party, because there is a good chance Patient Six might be there.

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J6-questons-Sonny-GH-ABC At the cabin, Jason/Patient Six thanks Sonny for believing him. Jason asks about Jake, who he saw in the park with Liz. Sonny confirms he is alive and explains it was Helena’s doing. Jason asks about Sam’s husband, who was also at Helena’s clinic. Sonny tells him it is a long story, and it involves Robin, who is also alive. Sonny explains the whole story about Jason/Jake Doe, and how Carly and Spinelli figured out he was Jason. Jason wonders if this guy has been in on it with Helena and lying to them all. Sonny assures Jason that he’s not, because he did everything to distance himself from Jason’s old life. Sonny urges him to go to Sam and get his life back.

Jason-Dante-GH-ABC Liz arrives at the Metro Court. Carly wonders why Sonny isn’t here yet. Jason and Sam mingle with guests. Griffin and Ava arrive and Carly corners them and informs Ava’s not welcomed there. Carly takes the stage to introduce Sam and Jason. They reveal the new name of their company, Aurora Media, which means “New Dawn” and stands for their new life together. Elsewhere, Griffin recognizes the waiters as the men who questioned him in Russia about Patient Six. Ava and Griffin tell Dante about the men and say they are looking for someone who may have ties to Jason Morgan. Dante goes to speak to Jason and warns him they may have a problem. He fills him in on the men and what Griffin said about them. The goons see them talking and figure they’ve been busted. They draw their guns and order everyone to get down on the ground. Dante pulls his gun on one of them and orders him to drop his gun.

On the pier, Klein meets with Delvin, (played by Gavin Alexander Hammon), who he contacted as part of a contingency plan to deal with Patient Six should his men fail. He hands him a syringe and orders him to, “Get it done.”

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