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Nelle-begs-Michael-GH-ABC Michael arrives at Crimson and confronts Nelle about the year she spent in the mental hospital. She is furious he’s still digging into her past and explains she had a breakdown after what happened with Zach, and she’s tried to put it behind her. She points out if she looked into his past there must be something he wouldn’t like her knowing. He admits there is something he hasn’t told her and the time just hasn’t been right. Michael agrees to respect her privacy from now on, and reminds her of their date tonight. Michael gets a call from work and has to tend to it, so Nelle excuses herself to deal with some things for Nina.

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Maxie crashes Nina’s private session in the steam room to make a pitch to be rehired at Crimson. She suggests an exclusive on what it is like to be married to Man Landers, complete with a photo layout of her and Nathan’s home, in which she can also model the latest fashions. Nina loves the idea, but admits she had already planned to rehire her. Maxie asks what changed her mind. Nina reveals it was her new boss Jason Morgan.

Amy-Nathan-discuss-blog-GH-ABC Nathan drops by GH and runs into Amy, who asks how Maxie took the news that he’s retiring. Nathan admits he hasn’t told her yet. Amy gets a call from Chet, talks to him for a bit, but then asks to call him back during her break. Nathan realizes from listening in on her phone call that Chet doesn’t know she wrote the blog. She admits that it would kill Chet if he knew she and not the VA were paying for his treatment.

Ava-freaks-over-Griffin-GH-ABC At her place, Ava finds mug shots of Jason Morgan online and verifies he looks like Patient Six. Griffin arrives for their dinner date, and thinks Ava had forgotten about it. Ava can’t go out tonight because she’s preoccupied working to get answers about Patient Six. She fills Griffin in on Patient Six arriving here in Port Charles, his fixation on Jason Morgan, and the fact that he has Jason’s old face. Griffin worries he could be dangerous and feels they should call the police.

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Sam-worries-Jason-GH-ABC Sam and Jason prepare for their big night at their place and get dressed up in their best clothes. Sam realizes how much she wants this new life for them, but begins to worry they could fail. He promises they won’t as long as they are together. Sam still fears they are asking for trouble from the feds. Monica drops by to pick up the grandchildren, who Olivia will watch so she can go to the big party tonight. She also has a gift for Jason from her and his father, and hands him a box. Inside are cufflinks that belonged to Alan, and she thinks he would be relieved that he’s broken things off with Sonny and is starting a new beginning. Monica takes off with the kids, and Jason looks at the cufflinks and reflects back on how horrible he was to his father. He won’t let it be that way with his kids.

PatientSix-gun-GH-ABC Sonny and Patient Six hold guns on one another at Sonny’s safe house. Sonny asks him who he is, and Patient Six claims he is Jason. Sonny asks where he’s been if he’s Jason because five years is a long time. Patient Six reveals it hasn’t felt like five years to him, and all he knows is he woke up in a Russian clinic after being drugged and held captive by some people. He confirms that is where he met Ava, and that he did try and call Sonny. Sonny asks who did this to him, but Patient Six has no idea. He explains how Ava helped him escape, and then a priest helped him stow away on a ship to New York. He goes over all his moves once he got back to Port Charles, including finding out Sam is married to some guy that everyone thinks is him. He learned from Ava that Helena had him, and he had to have reconstructive surgery. Sonny informs him it is more complicated than that because there was DNA proof and scans from before his surgery showing his old face. Patient Six says he is Jason, not that guy. He begs Sonny to tell him that he believes him. Patient Six says that he would never have left Sonny willingly, or turned his back on him to start a media company. He left because he was shot in the back. Sonny believes him and extends his hand. The two shake, and Sonny pulls him into an embrace.

Nathan meets Maxie in the steam room where she is excited to tell him her good news. He has good news as well, and reveals he is quitting being Ask Man Landers. Maxie exclaims he has to continue being Ask Man Landers!

Nina returns to work and runs into Michael, and tells him that she looks forward to seeing him at the party tonight. He reminds her that he has the “Dear Evan Hansen” play tonight, which she pulled strings to get the tickets for Nelle. Nina did no such thing, and Michael says he must have misunderstood Nelle. Nina leaves, and Michael gets a text from his mom asking if he’s moving in with Nelle, because she implied he was.

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