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Michael-Nelle-next-step-GH-ABC Nelle drops by Michael’s office at ELQ with a big surprise for him. She got tickets to “Dear Evan Hansen” for tonight, but Michael already had planned to attend Jason’s launch party. Nelle is disappointed, but tells him not to worry, she can sell them. He suggests he make a quick appearance at the party and then they can head to the play.

Jordan and Curtis have lunch at the Metro Court and discuss where to go in January with her two weeks of vacation time. They are interrupted by a text from Stella, who asks Jordan to meet her at GH as soon as possible. She heads out, and Curtis receives a shocking message on his phone.

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In his office at GH, Andre calls Klein and says they need to meet. Before he can leave, Liz and Jake show up to see him. When he learns about the man Jake saw he quickly texts Klein that he’s been delayed. Andre asks if the man spoke to Jake, and the boy tells him he only called out his name.Liz sends Jake to the vending machine as Andre tells her that it is good she brought Jake to him. He thinks they need to proceed carefully. Andre sees Liz out and then texts Klein to meet, and is surprised when Klein appears in his office. Andre reveals Patient Six has been trailing Jake Webber, and he is close to making contact with someone. Klein swears it is being handled because they know where he is headed tonight and will intercept him. Franco-sketches-GH-ABC Ava drops by Franco’s art therapy room to offer to represent him because she’s reopening her gallery. Franco, who is busy sketching Jason’s old face, turns her down. She wonders what he’s working on and quickly grabs his sketchbook. She’s stunned to see it looks like Patient Six and says she knows this man. Franco scoffs that everyone knows the original version of Jason Morgan. She flips through his sketchbook and it’s filled with sketches of Jason. He informs her that his sketches are personal, so she sees herself out. When Franco leaves his room, Ava sneaks in and swipes one of his sketches. In the hall, Liz runs into Franco and talks to him about Jake. She tells him that Jake is suddenly interested in the way Jason used to look. Jordan-Stella-clash-GH-ABC Jordan meets Stella at the nurse’s station, where Stella has been assigned a young college student named Clara who is undocumented. The feds have been tipped off, and she asks for Jordan’s help because an ICE agent is here. Jordan introduces herself to the agent and claims the young woman he has come for is working undercover with her force as a student at PCU to bust an opioid ring here in Port Charles, and this case is important to the feds. After a phone call to his boss the ICE agent is ordered to leave. Jordan suggests Stella warn her patient to be very careful, and Stella wonders if Clara really is undercover. Jordan says sometimes people surprise you.

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Sonny-wants-a-meeting-GH-ABC At their place, Sonny fills Carly in on the bizarre note he received, and that he and Jason went to meet the guy, but he fled. He doesn’t think the man means him harm, and hopes tries to make contact again because he wants to meet him.

Patient Six breaks into Sonny’s cabin and sets all the alarm off, but quickly enters the code to shut it down. He locates some spare dismantled guns, cleans them and puts them together.

Curtis-delivers-news-GH-ABC Curtis drops in on Michael at ELQ and hands him an envelope he needs to see. Michael isn’t interested, so Curtis tells him he needs to know that Nelle spent almost a full year in a mental institution.

Diane drops by Sonny’s place, and he asks tells her about his and other’s having their phones tapped over Jason’s purchase of Derek Wells Media. He asks her to get an injunction and stop the feds. They are interrupted by a call from Max, who reports someone broke into one of his safe houses and entered an old security code to shut down the alarm.

Carly returns to work at the Metro Court and runs into Nelle. Carly looks forward to seeing her and Michael at the party tonight. Nelle acts shocked that Michael didn’t tell her that they can’t make the party because they had plans and Michael insisted they not cancel. She wishes Carly luck and walks off, leaving Carly stunned.

Sonny goes to his cabin with his gun drawn, and comes face to face with Patient Six, who points a gun at Sonny.

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