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At the Metro Court, Carly and Sam discuss the party for the media company. Carly points out that Jason has never had any interest in pop culture. Sam says he’s grown up and is good with numbers. If he doesn’t have anything to do, he drifts. Carly assures her they will always be friends.

Ava talks to herself at her penthouse and fluffs her pillows until Kiki interrupts. She asks Ava if she’s been paying men for sex. Her mom explains she’s been with someone but couldn’t tell Scott who. Kiki finds a thank you note from Griffin and starts quizzing her mom about it.

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Anna asks Griffin for gossip-GH-ABCAnna drops by Griffin’s office at the hospital. She asks if he’s heard the gossip about her and Finn. She’s about to give him a ‘confession’ when he explains he’s no longer a priest. The spy asks him what happened with Ava. Down the hall, Liz drops by Franco’s office to see what he’s working on. He won’t let her see. She wonders if he’s working on his twin painting again and hopes he’s put the whole issue behind him. Franco’s frustrated by the lack of closure. She wishes he would open up to her more. [Due to technical difficulties, the feed for this episode of “GH” dropped out from approximately 2:25-2:35 PM EST.] Franco goes down to Andre’s office and unburdens himself. He loves Liz’s kids but doesn’t know if he can be around them if he did something to Andrew. He worries about what will happen if Jason goes looking for his missing twin. Andre advises him not to say anything to Jason or Liz, especially since he doesn’t even know what happened. Franco’s grateful for all of his help. Meanwhile, Liz sits with Jake in the corridor. They discuss the man he saw in the park. He looked like old pictures of his father. The man made him feel safe. His mom wants them to visit Andre and talk about this. Over at the nurses’ station, Ava and Kiki arrive, looking for Franco. A smiling Kiki thanks Griffin for everything he’s done for her mother. She leaves with a smirk and Ava assures the doctor that she didn’t kiss and tell. He asks her out for coffee. She asks him for dinner. He agrees to a date. As soon as she steps away, Anna, who has been eavesdropping, rushes over and advises him to be careful. Ava heads down the hall and finds Franco in his office.

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Jason tells Sonny about a threat-GH-ABCJason stops by the Corinthos compound to chat about who ambushed Sonny. The mobster doesn’t think it was an ambush and doubts the person after him is a threat to him. Jason is unconvinced. Soon, Carly and Sam join them and they discuss the fact that Sonny and Jason may be the focus of a Federal investigation. Jason realizes that buying a business from Julian could look like he’s operating a front. Sonny decides that, for the sake of appearances, he shouldn’t go to the party and Carly suggests that Sam look for office space in a building she doesn’t own. Jason takes out some champagne and proposes a toast to their friendship. If the Feds are coming after him, he can handle it and insists that they come to the party. He refuses to hide who his friends are.

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Klein meets with his goons in a steam room. They haven’t been able to find Patient Six. He tells them to wait. Six will appear when he discovers that someone he cares about is in danger. The goons are eager to get this over with but Klein doesn’t want to provoke Corinthos. After Klein sends them off, he gets a call from Andre. The shrink warns that someone is getting close to figuring out what they’ve been up to.

At the Metro Court, Olivia gives instructions to the waiting staff for the launch party. Among them are Klein’s two goons.

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