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Maxie arrives at Sam’s, holding a garment bag, annoyed Sam never told her about purchasing Derek Wells Media. Though the business is out of Jason’s element, Sam looks forward to the challenge. Maxie shows Sam the gown she brought her and says, “There’s a catch, I’m doing you a favor. I need you to do one for me.” sam-manipulates-maxie-gh-abcMaxie wants her job back at Crimson and since Derek Wells Media is the parent company… Sam squeezes into the dress, as Maxie picks up Jason’s leather jacket and wonders when she’ll be hanging it up. Sam admits she can’t – it reminds her of her old life with Jason. Talk turns to Man Landers and Maxie rants about the fan tweets aimed at Nathan. Sam suggests if Man Landers isn’t going away, she needs to find a way to embrace it. “You’re a genius,” Maxie gasps and leaves to embrace everything life as Mrs. Man Landers has to offer.

Sitting on the couch at Ava’s, Griffin stares griffin-wants-to-kiss-ava-gh-abclongingly into her eyes and professes, “I want nothing more than to kiss you.” Griffin talks about having failed at the biggest commitment he made, which leaves Ava to clarify she isn’t asking for a commitment. Maybe they’ve been using each other to feel alive? She tempts him to kiss her, which he does. Though the kiss starts out slow, they tear their clothes off and have sex on the couch. Afterwards, they agree to keep their relationship casual.

After Olivia leaves Ned ned-confronts-michael-elq-gh-abcat ELQ, he finds Michael in his office, whose call regarding a ‘high risk business deal’ has been cut off. Ned boosts about his honeymoon and brings up some business ideas, but Michael isn’t receptive. Ned wonders if Michael’s changed his mind about bringing him back to ELQ. Michael wants him there but has to leave for a hospital board meeting.

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Amy runs into Nathan at GH and relays that the Man Landers advance came in. Nathan’s happy, which is why it makes it easier for him to ask her to shut the blog down. His connection to the blog has put a strain on his marriage. nathan-stuns-amy-gh-abcAmy understands, appreciates Nathan’s encouragement and says, “Man Landers will be no more.” Later, Maxie finds Nathan alone. Both have news for the other but agree to wait to share it. Elsewhere, Olivia sees Monica, who hands over fake spider webs, pissed that Olivia didn’t consult her before decorating for Halloween. She says, “It’s way past time we had a chat about boundaries.” Monica brings up all the changes Olivia’s made and reminds, “You’re a guest in my house.” Olivia jabs back, “Only because Alan gave it to you.”

Olivia returns to ELQ and hears Michael halted Ned’s ideas. Ned has no choice but to make peace with the fact that Michael’s his boss. Olivia doesn’t agree, relays her encounter with Monica and suggests, “Take back what’s yours.”

Michael meets Monica at GH, who gets a call from the secretary of the board and learns the meeting has been canceled. Michael becomes paranoid when Monica’s call is cut off, due to static, remembers his own earlier issues, and convinces her to allow him to get her phone looked at.

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Dr. Klein and his goons from the Russian Clinic gather at the docks, having set up surveillance to locate Patient Six. Klein warns, “If he reaches Sonny Corinthos, my client will not be happy.” They need to take someone Six cares about and wait for him to show up.

At Sonny’s, Jason insists on going to the footbridge with him.

Patient Six waits at the footbridge and mutters, “Come on, Sonny.” Jason and Sonny arrive, as Patient Six hides in the shadows. They patient-6-hides-from-sonny-jason-gh-abcaccess their surroundings, wondering if whoever sent the note reconsidered showing up. Still in the shadows, Sonny’s bodyguard Troy (played by Matt Jayson) appears and holds a gun on Six. Patient Six fights back, grabs the gun and it goes off. Six turns the tables on Troy and holds him at gunpoint. He recognizes him as Sonny’s bodyguard. Sonny and Jason turn toward the sound of the gunshot. Jason realizes it’s been a setup. When Jason rushes toward the bushes, he finds Troy, who says a guy jumped him then let him go. Once alone, Patient Six thinks back to seeing Sam with the man who calls himself Jason Morgan.

Michael arrives at Sonny’s just as Jason and Sonny return home. Michael tells Sonny that spyware has been put on his and Monica’s phone – someone could be out to get Sonny. Jason assures Michael that Sonny’s not a target and says, “I am.”

Klein’s goon arrives outside of Sam’s penthouse, as Sam’s inside, putting on Jason’s jacket.

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