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Dante-Lulu-Laura-dine-GH-ABC Dante and Lulu enjoy dinner at the Metro Court. Laura crashes their date to reveal that Kevin might be proposing to her tonight. She tells them the circumstances behind Kevin’s previous spur of the minute proposal, which she turned down.

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Kevin-councils-Griffin-GH-ABC At GH, nurse Deanna asks Griffin if he visit a patient who needs a priest, but Griffin reveals he’s no longer able to speak as a priest, only a doctor. Kevin overhears the exchange and picks up that Griffin doesn’t seem at peace with his decision to leave the priesthood. Griffin admits his future isn’t very clear at the moment, so Kevin offers to listen any time he needs it. Griffin believes some things he has to figure out on his own.

Ava-delivers-letter-Sonny-GH-ABC Ava drops by Sonny’s place to deliver Patient Six’s letter. After they bicker about Avery for a bit, Ava hands over the note and goes to leave. Sonny stops her and asks who gave her the note. She tells Sonny that she doesn’t know his name, but she met him in Russia at the clinic. She explains he showed up in town, and asked her to give him that note. Sonny inquires what he looks like, but Ava jokes she’s out of good deeds for the day. The note instructs Sonny to meet him where he and Robin scattered Stone’s ashes, and to come alone like the night he gave him $40 for a cab. Sonny knows only he and Jason know this stuff.

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Jason-grills-Liz-GH-ABC Patient Six spies on Liz and Jake in the park. Liz gets a work call she takes, and Jake hears Patient Six mutter his name. He wonders who is there. Jason shows up and thinks his boy seems distracted, Jake reveals someone said his name. Liz didn’t hear anything, and the boy quickly asks for hot chocolate. Patient Six recalls asking Liz to donate one of Jake’s kidneys after his death, and her slapping him for being a selfish bastard. Jake goes off to get hot chocolate, and Jason asks Liz about what she and Franco were going to tell him the other day. Jake returns with hot chocolate before she can say anything, and says he knew someone said his name because he just saw the guy around the corner. Jason checks it out, but he’s gone. Jason gets a call from Sonny and asks him to come by the house.

Franco-learns-Truth-GH-ABC At Betsy’s, Franco’s mom tells him that Andrew was badly injured in a fall down the stairs. She believes Franco pushed the boy, though admits she didn’t see it, but nobody else was in the room. Franco thinks there was something wrong with him even as a kid that would make him do this. He asks his mom where she sent Andrew, and she says she left him at a foundling hospital outside of Port Charles. Franco cries that he’s so screwed up, and he’s always felt like he had a brother that he was capable of hurting, maybe even killing.

Ava returns home and finds Six is gone. She finds a note thanking her for the clothes and everything else. Griffin drops by to see Ava, and he drops the news on her that he’s left the priesthood. A confused Ava asks what this means for the two of them.

Kevin meets up with Laura, Dante and Lulu at Metro Court. Lulu and Dante leave Kevin and Laura and decide to hang out at the bar because Lulu wants to snap a photo when Kevin pops the question. At their table Kevin goes on and on to Laura about a work colleague, and then gets up and kneels down to tie his shoe. Laura fumes at him, and Kevin reminds her that she wanted a grand romantic gesture, and a proposal in a restaurant is not that. He promises when it happens that it will be worth it.

Franco shows up at the park as Jason leaves to go meet Sonny. Jake leaves to play with some kids on the baseball field, and Liz warns Franco that Jason isn’t letting go of the fact that they are keeping something from him. Franco lies to Liz and says he confronted his mother, who claims she lied to him yet again and the boy in the photo is no relation to Jason at all, and in addition, he didn’t die. Franco thinks they should forget about it.

Patient Six arrives at the footbridge and thinks about the first time he and Sonny met.

Jason visits with Sonny, who shows him the note and tells him some man gave it to Ava and asked her to give it to him. Jason wonders who the note came from if not him or Ava.

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