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Joss-helps-Oscar-GH-ABC Joss and Oscar hang out on the Corinthos patio and begin searching the internet for information on Oscar’s dad. All he knows is that his mom Kim Nero used to live in San Diego. Inside, Sonny stops Carly from spying on Joss and Oscar, and tells her to give them space or she’ll turn Joss into a rebel. Carly doesn’t listen and drops in on the kids to see how things are going, and asks Oscar about meeting his mother. Oscar says she is a doctor and is very busy. Carly goes back inside and thinks Oscar is still trying to keep her from meeting his mother. Meanwhile, Joss locates a report on Oscar’s mom, but it has no mention of his dad or any new information. Joss suggests they go snoop in his mom things because maybe she still has something of his.

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Felicia-questions-Finn-Anna-GH-ABC At GH, Cassandra tells Finn that she has faith that he will solve her health problems. Anna arrives, and Cassandra thinks she is keeping him from his lover, so she departs. Felicia approaches Anna and Finn, having overheard Cassandra, and asks if they are dating. Anna tells her it is very new. Felicia is happy for them and leaves for her checkup. Finn is furious that they now have to fool all of Port Charles into believe they are dating. Anna reminds him that they are doing this to help the people Cassandra is exploiting, and she is sure Cassandra is behind the recent opioid explosion. Felicia later returns, and says she and Mac want to take Finn and Anna out to get to know Finn a little better.

Nina-pleads-case-GH-ABC At Crimson, Valentin rants to Nina about losing Derek Wells Media to Jason and Sam just as Jason shows up. Nina worries he is here to fire her, but he came to ask her to stay. Valentin leaves them to talk business, but not before getting a text from Cassandra to meet him. Nina tells Jason she wants to stay, but needs creative autonomy. He knows she has done a spectacular job, and she admits Maxie is to thank for a lot of the magazine’s success.

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Franco-questions-Betsy-GH-ABC Betsy returns to her home to find Franco waiting for her. He believes she is not telling him the entire truth about Andrew. She swears he is dead, so Franco asks to see the boy’s grave because he needs peace and closure. Betsy finally admits the boy isn’t dead and may still be alive. Franco asks what happened. She cries that she gave Andrew up for adoption, a decision she’s always regretted. She has hoped one day to see him again and find out how things turned out for him. Franco asks why she gave him up. Betsy states he wasn’t safe with them. Betsy goes on to explain that Andrew was very badly injured during a fall. He suffered broken bones, a concussion. It was a miracle he survived. “What caused him to fall?” Franco asks, confused. “You did,” Betsy replies.

Patient6-interest-Jason-GH-ABC At Ava’s, she can’t believe her brother sold his company to Jason and Sam Morgan. Puzzled, Patient Six asks if she has a photo of Jason Morgan. She searches the internet and finds one for him. He is stunned, and Ava suspects given he’s been away for so long that he probably thought Jason was dead. Ava fills him in on the whole story about Helena having Jason the entire time, his facial reconstruction after a terrible car accident, and then losing his memory for two years. She wonders why he’s so interested in Jason, and asks if he knew him. Patient Six notices a photo of Avery on the table, and that it was taken at Sonny’s. She explains it is of her daughter with Sonny, and assumes he knows Sonny if he can identify his house. Patient Six says they are friends, writes down some information, and asks Ava to give the message to Sonny. She tells him that Sonny won’t read anything that comes from her. Patient Six knows Sonny will be interested in this information, and he reminds her she told him she wanted to be a better person. He says this is how she can be one.

Cassandra-Valentin-past-GH-ABC Valentin meets Cassandra in the park. She tells him while she’s here in Port Charles she’d like to rekindle their partnership, in business and in bed. Valentin reveals he’s married now, but Cassandra doesn’t care. He also says he’s gotten out of the business of illegal activities, but she thinks his money from their old heists must have run out by now. He reveals he’s quite wealthy thanks to an inheritance, but she still insists he join her in her little enterprise. Valentin has no desire to get involved in drug running, and suggests she follow his lead and get out of crime.

At 3:53 PM EST the show was interrupted for a news report for the remaining portion of the episode.

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