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Scott-questions-Ava-GH-ABC Scott drops by Ava’s place and notices two martini glasses on the table and that she’s still in a nightgown. He wonders if she had company last night, and she admits she did. Scott worries about her being taken advantage off in her state, so she puts his worries to rest and claims she hired an escort for the evening because yesterday was a bad day. Scott wishes he’d have called her because he’s always there for and cares about her. She thanks him, and says she’d like to be alone now. She ushers him out.

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Griffin-Father-Corey-GH-ABC Griffin meets with Father Corey at GH. Griffin reveals to him that he’s no longer meant for the priesthood. The priest inquires what could have happen to make him deny his calling, and Griffin admits to having sexual relations with Ava. He doesn’t regret it because he has real feelings for her. The priest doesn’t like it, but accepts Griffin’s decision. He tells Griffin he is a fine man and will no doubt continue to serve God even without a collar. They hug, and Father Corey leaves. At the Nurse’s station, Franco uses a computer to search for Andrew’s death certificate, but the computer returns a “not found” message. Liz catches him and asks what he’s looking for. He claims he was looking for some seasonal attractions to take the boys to. Liz praises him for being so good with them, but Franco worries he’ll inevitably screw things up. She wonders if this has to do with the secret about Jason’s twin. Franco feels Jason doesn’t need to know about the twin, but Liz knows this will eat him up inside if he doesn’t tell Jason. Franco gets a text from Scott to meet him, so Franco dashes. Later, Liz runs into Griffin and the two catch up. Griffin tells her about his decision to leave the priesthood, and admits it is because he has feelings for Ava. He worries because he’s never been in a committed relationship and doesn’t know if he’s ready to get into one with Ava. Liz urges him to just be honest with Ava.

Jason-Sam-Apartment-GH-ABC Patient Six looks around Sam’s place and rushes to the balcony for air when he becomes overwhelmed. Sam and Jason enter the apartment, and Patient Six watches them and listens in on their conversation. Jason reminisces about their wedding last year, and professes to love Sam and their family until death do they part. Sam realizes after Morgan’s death that they need to treasure every moment they have. The two head upstairs to celebrate some more, and Patient Six sneaks back in. He sighs heavily, picks Sam’s jacket off of a chair and throws it onto the couch before leaving. Later, Jason and Sam return, and Sam realizes her jacket has been moved. She gets a bizarre feeling of déjà vu, but shrugs it off as her mind being overwhelmed by them becoming media moguls overnight. Alexis drops by and fills Sam in on Kristina’s latest drama with Parker. Sam sides with Kristina and points out she’s in love, and if things don’t work out then at least Kristina will know she gave it her all. Sam turns the topic to her and Jason’s impulsive purchase, and they break the news to Alexis that they bought Julian’s company. Alexis feels Julian’s choice to sell it to them was one of the few good decisions he’s made. They just worry that the press will report on it with a mob slant.

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Patient Six visits Morgan’s grave after overhearing Sam mention his death. He talks to Morgan and has no clue what has happened to him or anyone else over these past five years he lost. Patient Six hears a noise behind him, draws his gun and spins around to find Ava standing there. It takes Ava a second to recognize him without the mask. She notices him in front of Morgan’s grave and asks if he knew him. He admits he did. Ava reveals he was a dear friend to her daughter, so he asks how he died. Ava explains it was an accident, and that he was very troubled. She doesn’t feel comfortable talking about this. He thanks her and decides he needs to find a place to stay. She offers her place.

Patient Six returns with Ava to her penthouse, and promises no one will bother him here because she doesn’t get many visitors. Ava’s phone buzzes, and she gets the alert that her brother’s media company has just been sold. Ava makes some calls and learns who bought the company. She can’t believe her brother sold his only asset to Jason Morgan. Patient Six’s head turns at the mention of Jason’s name.

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