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At the bus terminal, Patient Six is cornered by the men who have been trailing him for Klein. Six wrestles their guns away. He makes one of them call Klein to say they are coming back to Russia. Six knocks them out, takes their money and guns and leaves them by a dumpster.

Franco has a visitor-GH-ABCFranco has a nightmare about a little blond boy, Drew, (played by Asher McDonell) accusing him of killing him. He wakes up, startled and tells Liz he was dreaming about how Drew died. She encourages him to tell Jason everything. He’s reluctant to let the Quartermaines start digging into what he knows. Liz is sure that everything will come out and be fine.

Michael asks Nelle about her lies-GH-ABCAt Crimson, Nelle asks Michael why he’s been so distant. She assumes this is because of Curtis’ investigation. He wonders why she lied to the police about her swimming skills. She tells him how terrified she was of Zack’s family. He asks if she was lying about anything else. After he compares her to Morgan and his habit of digging himself in deeper, he decides to call off the investigation. After Nelle goes off to the bathroom, Michael calls Curtis and asks him to stop the investigation. Nelle eavesdrops and smiles.

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Jordan asks Curtis if they need to prepare-GH-ABCJordan and Curtis are eating at Kelly’s and teasing each other until Aunt Stella blows in. Jordan expects the worst. Meanwhile, Trish gives Stella a hug and thanks her for all her help. Trish then thanks Jordan for all her help and leaves. Curtis is confused. The women explain they helped Trish with her father, who suffers from dementia. Once Stella leaves, Curtis suggests that the two women aren’t as far apart as they think.

Jason assures Sam they'll get to the bottom of it-GH-ABCJason and Sam get home. She wonders what the kids will think of their new business. He doubts they’ll care much. They discuss what they want to do with the company. She worries he might feel trapped behind a desk and wants him to love what he does. Sam worries about what Franco is hiding from them. He wants to change the subject.

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Liz and Franco head to work at the hospital. They bump into Stella, who guesses he’s the one who puts a smile on the nurse’s face. Stella talks about how hard it is to be a social worker. Liz runs off to work. Franco asks Stella how to get a death certificate and they talk about how the police don’t generally care for him. Once she leaves, he gets on a computer at the nurses’ station. When he looks for information on a death, he comes up empty.

Sonny is under surveillance-GH-ABCCarly and Sonny are locking lips at the Corinthos compound when Brick interrupts. Carly takes off and Brick tells the boss he’s under surveillance. He doesn’t know who is doing it but guesses it’s the Feds and thinks this might be about who is trying to contact Sonny. Later, Patient Six sneaks in and looks around. After hearing the guards say they are putting the place on lockdown, he sneaks off.

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Sonny and Carly meet Jason and Sam at the Metro Court. Sam and Jason announce they are now in the media business. This baffles the other couple. Sam remembers she forgot to sign a permission slip and runs off.

Patient Six arrives at Jason and Sam’s penthouse. He knocks on the door. When there’s no answer, he breaks in and calls for Sam. No one is there. He picks up Sam’s jacket and flashes back to giving it to her. When he becomes overwhelmed with emotion, he heads out to the balcony. Sam returns and he watches her through the window.

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