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Kevin-proposes-Laura-GH-ABC At Kelly’s, Laura tells Kevin that his proposal is sweet, but he is serious about wanting to marry her. He asks if she’ll make him the happiest man alive, and she blurts out, “No!” Outside, Nelle meets up with Dillon, and the two discuss their love lives. Dillon feels lately that Kiki has been shutting him out, especially since she started pre-med.

Curtis-Nelle-dirt-GH-ABC Down in Palm Beach, Sharon is trying to sell one of her family’s boats because they haven’t used it since her brother Zack died. Curtis poses as a potential buyer, and asks about her brother’s death. She fills him in on his kayaking accident and his fiancé’s potential involvement. He learns that Zack met Janelle because she was their mother’s personal assistant, and she came with excellent references from a local high school here in Florida. Sharon has another engagement to get to and leaves. Curtis makes a note in his phone to do some digging into Nelle’s high school.

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At Perk’s, Dr. Bensch finds Kiki in tears and asks her what is wrong. Kiki tells him about the anniversary of Morgan’s death, his illness, and Ava’s involvement in his death. She feels guilty for letting her mother back into her life after her accident, as if she is forgiving her for what she did to Morgan. Bensch offers her comfort and touches her hand just as Dillon walks up. Kiki sees Dillon, and gives him a kiss. Dr. Bensch leaves them to talk, and Dillon feels like Kiki can always talk to Dr. Bensch about her problems but not him. Kiki doesn’t think it’s fair to cry to him about Morgan, and she admits talking to Bensch reminds her of talking to her dad. Dillon promises Kiki that there isn’t anything she can say that will drive him away. She tells him she’s grateful to have him, and they kiss.

Carly-questioning-Sonny-GH-ABC At Sonny’s place, Michael talks with his parents about the donations coming in to Morgan’s foundation, and gets an alert that an anonymous person just donated fifty thousand dollars. Michael has to run to meet Nelle, and Carly makes a call to try and find out who donated the money, assuming it was Ava. She is shocked when she learns it came from Nelle. Carly decides to go thank Nelle for the generous donation. After she leaves, Alexis arrives and asks Sonny to help her keep their daughter from throwing her life away. Alexis brings him up to speed on what has happened with Parker, and Sonny thinks this isn’t the worst thing to happen and it could help Kristina gain some maturity. Alexis thanks him for being no help and storms out.

Griffin asks Sonny if he plans to kill Ava - GH-ABC Ava invites Griffin in when her shows up at her door. He tells her that he has to make a decision about his future with the church. She thinks he’s already made up his mind, and lashes out at him for coming there to toy with her feelings again. She thinks he enjoys the idea of betraying his vows, but not crossing the line. She tired of him having no clue about what he really wants. He tells her that she’s wrong and he does know what he wants. Griffin pulls Ava into a kiss. The two dance around her apartment as they undress and finally hit her bed.

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Michael meets Nelle outside of Kelly’s, where they are interrupted by Michael’s mother. Carly thanks Nelle for the large anonymous donation she made to Morgan’s foundation, and then takes off. Michael assumes Nelle pawned Zack’s ring. Nelle admits she did, because it was a reminder of her painful past, and she made the donation anonymously so his parents wouldn’t think she had an agenda. She just didn’t expect him to think she had one, but he swears he doesn’t. Nelle excuses herself to use the restroom, and Michael gets a call from Curtis who has found out something. Back inside, Laura tells Kevin that she wants to spend her life with him, but she feels he’s proposing just to lift her spirit from what is going on with Valentin. She doesn’t want that man associated with her engagement, and she wants a fairytale proposal. He promises she will get her grand romantic gesture, but he won’t drop a hint as to when it is coming, leaving her on pins and needles waiting for it. Elsewhere in the restaurant, Bensch runs into Alexis and sees she is troubled. Alexis tells him her latest issues with Kristina. He suggests they take a walk along the waterfront to get her mind off her troubles.

Carly returns home and Sonny asks her how things went with Nelle. Carly said all she did was graciously thanked Nelle for her donation, though Michael may be wondering where she got the money.

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