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Maxie-assures-Nathan-GH-ABC Maxie and Nathan spend quality time together at home until a knock at the door interrupts. Nathan opens the door to screaming fans. They take selfies, feel his bulging biceps, and ask for advice until Maxie shoes them away. Maxie freaks out that they could be stalkers and they may have to move. Nathan thinks she’s blowing things out of proportion, and is sure Amy’s book is just a one hit wonder. Later as the couple attempts to get back to spending time together they are interrupted by more adoring fans. Maxie thinks they definitely need to move and doesn’t think this will blow over. The phone rings and Maxie answers it. Amy is calling because Quinn needs Nathan to do another appearance. She frets that Ask Man Landers isn’t going away, ever.

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At home, Molly teases Alexis about her upcoming date with Dr. Bensch. Alexis says it’s just dinner, and as she goes through the mail she discovers a letter from Kristina’s school. Alexis is stunned to find out that Kristina dropped out. She thinks this has to do with Parker. Alexis calls Kristina, but gets no answer. She wonders if Molly knows more about what is going on than she’s letting on. Molly admits Kristina came to see Parker the other day after her class ended, but she doesn’t know what they talked about. Before Alexis can grill her any further, Bensch shows up for their date. Molly excuses herself while Alexis explains to Bensch that an issue has come up with her middle child. He is all ears, and suggests they skip the Metro Court and find somewhere lower key to talk. Alexis knows the perfect place.

Kristina-Parker-date-GH-ABC Kristina meets Parker at Kelly’s for a date, and has no regrets about dropping out of business school. Parker admits she almost cancelled on her, but only because tomorrow is the anniversary of her brother’s death. Kristina believes Morgan would want her to live her life to the fullest and be happy. She notices her mother calling and decides to ignore it. She doesn’t want to talk to her parents about the two of them until she knows their status and where they are at. Parker promises she is serious about them, and she is attracted to her and her fire. Parker invites Kristina back to her place, and she accepts. The two kiss. Outside, Alexis arrives with Bensch and tells him how great the place is. Alexis realizes she left her phone in her car, and worries she may miss a call from Kristina. She darts back to get it, and Kristina and Parker slip out. Bensch and Alexis get a table, and she fills him in on her family drama.

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Jason-Sam-confront-Liz-Franco-GH-ABC At GH, Liz stops Sam and Jason to tell them something, but Jason has news of his own. He informs Liz that he’s working on a project that will affect her, and hopefully he’ll be able to explain more soon. He asks Liz what she had to tell him, and she says just that Jake has a field trip coming up. Jason and Sam leave, and Franco thanks her for not telling Jason about his twin. She only did it because it wasn’t the right time, but he deserves to know the truth. However, she doesn’t think keeping the secret a few more days will hurt anyone.

Huxley-questions-Six-GH-ABC On the ship to America, Huxley worries about being caught, but Patient Six tells him not to worry because nobody will find them down there. Huxley asks how he knows, and he explains he used to be a coffee importer. Huxley doesn’t think he looks like a coffee man, and asks if someone is waiting for him in America.T he patient doesn’t know. Huxley suggests they pass the time playing poker and make it fun by betting on the game. When the other man repeatedly beats him, Huxley doesn’t know how he is doing it. Patient Six reveals he owns shares in casinos. Huxley bets his lucky watch, and Six wins again. He refuses to take his money or his watch, because he has accounts of his own.Huxley tells him that he’s very chivalrous and he should keep the lucky watch, because he could use some good fortune.

Jason and Sam return home, and Sam can’t help but think Liz wanted to tell them something else. Jason agrees, and believes Franco is involved in whatever it is. He suggests they not worry about it for now.

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