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Home alone, Jason phones the prison to arrange a call with Julian. Curtis drops in to welcome him home. Jason announces he won’t be going back to PI work. Curtis leaves as Julian calls back.

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Michael runs into Sam at Kelly’s. She notices something is wrong with him. He tips her off about the murder accusations against Nelle and wonders if she’s telling him the whole truth. Sam points out she used to lie all the time too but Jason helped her change her life. She urges him to get all the facts about Nelle. Curtis walks in and Sam introduces them. Michael asks him to investigate an accidental death of Nelle’s fiancé. The PI assumes he wants him to prove she’s guilty but Michael wants the opposite. Curtis thinks he’s opening up a can of worms but Michael is insistent.

Sam returns home with food for Jason. He tells her he’s going to New York. She forbids him ‘gallivanting’ alone and insists on going with him.

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Nelle tells Nina what matters-GH-ABCNelle arrives at the Crimson office with coffee for Nina. She tells the boss about her ongoing feud with Michael’s family. She’s not sure he believes in her as much as he claims. Nina encourages her to prove herself to Carly. After this pep talk, Nina wanders off and Nelle calls someone for help.

Sonny and Carly question Griffin-GH-ABCIn the chapel, Sonny and Carly discuss the foundation they’ve started for Morgan. It’s been a year since he died. Griffin wanders in and Sonny notices he’s not looking well. The mobster asks about Ava. Carly is disgusted to hear her name. After the doctor leaves, Carly complains about how her emptiness will never be filled. They discuss what kind of future their son might have had, assuming he would have become a soccer coach. The parents pray and tell their dead son he is always with them.

Franco has something to tell Liz-GH-ABCLiz catches Franco heading to his office at the hospital. As she helps him with a box, she knocks over his sketchbook and starts looking through it. It’s full of sketches of the twin boys. Franco confesses that Jason called him to visit and he didn’t tell him the truth about his twin brother. He relates the story of Andrew. They bicker about him keeping this a secret. The nurse worries that harboring secrets could cause him trouble. Down the hall, Sam and Jason bump into Griffin. They ask him about the call he made to them from Russia. It wasn’t the doctor. When the couple walks off, Griffin looks up Sam’s number and checks his phone records. Meanwhile, Sam and Jason bump into Franco and Liz. The nurse says there’s something they need to know.

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Huxley asks Patient Six a question-GH-ABCIn the hull of the ship, Patient Six is shocked to see the date in the paper. “It’s five years,” he mumbles. Huxley is perplexed. He convinces Six to untie him so he can unlock his phone. Six goes through the time and date stamps of the images on the phone. He finally accepts the date. Much to Huxley’s dismay, ix insists on taking a walk.

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