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At Wyndemere, Charlotte’s four parents assure her that Santa will find her no matter where she is. She runs off. The adults bicker about holiday arrangements. Valentin mentions Lulu’s mom threatened him with a gun. He warns that he will call social services if she comes after him again. Charlotte skips back in and leaves with the Falconeris. Nina is upset about what Laura did. Valentin assures her he can defend himself.

Nelle doesn't like Michael judging her-GH-ABcMichael wanders into the Crimson office to see Nelle. He invites her up to Bobbie’s party. She turns that down. They argue about him being judgmental. He thinks they should agree to disagree and invites her again to his grandmother’s brunch. Nelle has to work but he pressures her to interact with his family more. Once he leaves, a tense Nina arrives and orders her to go to the restaurant and get her a coffee. Nelle’s reluctant and complains about Michael’s family.

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Carly tells Sonny their plan backfired-GH-ABCAt the Metro Court, Bobbie is toasted by Carly, Sonny, Laura and Valerie. Carly and Sonny step aside. She worries about Michael and thinks she’s driven him closer to Nelle. Meanwhile, Valerie tells Laura and Bobbie that Brad and Lucas are thinking of adopting. Michael comes in and his mom is thrilled to see him. He assures her of how much Nelle supports his family ties. Charlotte arrives with the Falconeris. As Dante takes her to see Bobbie, Lulu asks her mom about pulling a gun on Valentin. Laura says she snapped. Her daughter urges her to play things smart. Across the room, Michael spots Nelle and leads her over to say hello to Bobbie. That doesn’t go well. When Nelle walks off, Michael follows. She complains that his family is just like the Grants.

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Someone bumps into Patient Six-GH-ABCPatient Six works out on a ship. Huxley (played by Trent Dawson) comes to, bound to a chair beside him. Six points out that Huxley tried attacking him. The Englishman babbles. Patient Six stares. Huxley lets him have his bag. When Six opens it up, he finds a newspaper and is shocked to see it’s 2017.

Ava tries to wave Griffin off-GH-ABCAva and Griffin are at the hospital. He tries to keep her hopeful as she waits to see a specialist. She tells him about how Nikolas saved her from Huxley and then from Valentin. Ava feels awful for selling out his memory. She urges the priest to go away. He tells her that he doesn’t want to lose her friendship. Dr. Guerrero calls Ava in. Once she gets the bandages removed, she sees that her burns were almost completely repaired. When she’s left alone, Valentin pop up. They argue about her treatment and her statement about Nikolas’ death. When she tries to slap him, he grabs her arm. Griffin rushes in and barks at him to stay away from her. After the Cassadine leaves, Ava weeps and Griffin hugs her. She gets more upset about him wasting his time with her. He refuses to give up on her.

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Valentin drops by the Crimson office with flowers for Nina. He assures her that nothing will ever take Charlotte away from them.

Sam and Jason head to bed-GH-ABCJason and Sam head home to the penthouse. The kids put up a welcome home sign for him. Since the children aren’t around, they head to the bedroom. After they have sex, they discuss what he’s going to do with the rest of his life. He doesn’t have the most transferrable skills. Jason has some ideas but won’t explain. They get dressed. Sam goes off to get food and he calls the prison to talk to Julian.

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