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Nathan-Maxie-gifts-GH-ABC Maxie drops Nathan off at the station where they are shocked to find his desk is full of roses and stuffed animals. Nathan worries to Maxie that Jordan may fire him. She tries to keep him calm, and suggests they get all the gifts out of there before Jordan arrives. He suggests they donate them to the hospital.

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Aunt-Stella-has-news-GH-ABC Aunt Stella walks in on Curtis and Jordan at Curtis’ place as they are about to go at it on the couch. Stella announces it is time for her to leave and get back to being the independent woman she once was. Curtis says he will miss her, but she informs him that she’s not moving back to Baltimore. Stella reveals she landed a job in Port Charles as a social worker for GH. Curtis congratulates her with a hug. She promises to move into her own place as soon as she can. Jordan heads off to work, and Curtis and Stella toast to her new job. He jokes now that she has a new job perhaps she can find a new man, but Stella says she’ll never have another love like Marcus.

Griffin-Ava-plane-GH-ABC On the plane back to Port Charles, Griffin apologizes to Ava for hurting her. She accepts his apology and admits this entire experience has made her realize she can never go back to being the person she once was. Ava asks Griffin how he knew where to find her. He reveals that Sonny helped in a way, and tells her about the mysterious phone call the mobster received from Russia. Ava remembers that the number Patient Six gave her had a Port Charles area code, and speculates Klein called it. She wonders who Patient Six is to Sonny. Griffin suggests she stop dwelling on it for now and get some rest, so she lays her head on his shoulder.

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Carly-job-for-Brick-GH-ABC Joss and Oscar meet Carly and Sonny at the Metro Court before their date at the school football game. Joss asks if they can go without the bodyguard shadowing them. Carly refuses, which Joss begrudgingly accepts. Carly takes a photo of the kids together and offers to send the photo to his mom, but he makes excuses that they have to get going or they will be late. They leave, and Carly thinks Oscar seems nervous about her meeting his mother. Later, Brick arrives and reveals to the couple that the Russian call to Sonny came from a cellphone, and the bill is being footed by a Swiss bank. He traced other calls from the phone and they were all made to very wealthy people in Europe.

Back at the station, Jordan arrives as Maxie and Nathan are about to leave for GH with the stuffed animals. Jordan asks to speak with Nathan privately, and they head into the interrogation room. She tells a nervous Nathan to relax because she’s not going to fire him. Jordan needs his advice regarding Stella and fills him in on the whole story. Nathan feels Aunt Stella’s heart is broken given all she sacrificed for her family, only to be left behind. He believes Aunt Stella needs to find love again.

Joss and Oscar ditch the football game to grab beverages at Kelly’s. Joss questions him about never knowing his father and asks if he is curious about him. Oscar says talking about his dad upsets his mom, so there is no way he can find out who he is without hurting her. Joss says nothing is impossible. If they could find him, would he want to?

After dropping off the stuffed animals at GH, Maxie grabs drinks at the Metro Court with Amy. Maxie asks Amy how she is coping with everything given Nathan is getting all the credit for her work. Amy has no problem with Nathan taking all the glory because it’s allowing her to get Chet the care he needs. Amy wonders if the attention is killing Maxie, considering she was the queen bee in high school. Maxie swears she’s thrilled with Nathan’s success. Amy doesn’t believe her and begs her not to do anything impulsive and undo Nathan’s good work. Elsewhere, Sonny wonders if Griffin was right and the call was from Ava, who is supposedly at some fancy clinic fixing her face. Carly ponders how she got his private line, unless Morgan gave it to her. Sonny thinks that must be it. With the mystery solved, Carly asks Brick to look into Nelle’s past. Sonny forbids it because they have to let Michael live his life for now. Sonny feels she’s over-monitoring the kids, but knows she means well and is just looking out for them after losing Morgan.

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