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Finn-spy-GH-ABCIn Monaco, Finn sticks to sparkling water while Anna enjoys wine during his pessimistic rant about Cassandra. She’s positive Cassandra will jump at the chance to go to Port Charles. Finn’s eager to rejoin Roxy if Anna’s done with him and wonders if she has as good a friend as Roxy. She thinks it’s sweet but finds attachments risky in her line of work. She gets distracted by texts from Robin with pictures of her new grandson, Noah Robert. Finn’s uncomfortable over the baby talk. When Anna digresses over the years she kept Robin from Robert, Finn snaps at her about how lucky she is even if time can’t be made up. Anna realizes it’s about Hayden and the child he lost. Finn rushes outside and Anna joins him. Tearfully, he wishes he could have been around to save his baby. Anna tries not to be hypocritical but shows concern. He thinks she’s trying to keep him around and promises it’s not necessary. He has nothing better to do and will help.

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Valentin-phone-Cassandra-GH-ABCAt home, Valentin takes a call from Cassandra and questions her need for information on Finn. Why is he in Monte Carlo? She reminds him how well they used to work together, as well as they used to play. He thinks they haven’t had mutual interests in a long time and ends the call. Outside, Laura checks the chamber of her handgun and returns it to her purse before knocking. Valentin answers and allows her in. Laura shares what she learned about him taking advantage of Ava and is ready to get revenge for all of it and pulls out her gun. laura-aims-gun-valentin-gh-abcShe demands he get Ava back and fix things. Valentin wants Laura to face facts and think of Spencer. Laura’s not ready and wants Valentin to know what it feels like for him to be in Nikolas’ shoes. Valentin twitches in fear when she pulls the trigger. She says, “You don’t know how close I came to putting bullets in this gun.” He tells her she’s lucky but she’s busy reminding him he’s not invincible and questions what God he prays to if he does. Valentin doesn’t pray to anyone but if his life ever passes before his eyes he will have regrets. He defends his birthright and threatens her with his security if she ever considers denying threatening him. If they come for him, they will lose. Before leaving, Laura jokes how Helena tortured her family, even after death. Valentin chooses not to believe in curses [“General Hospital” was preempted at 2:47 to 3:00].

Ava-Griffin-pack-GH-ABCIn St. Petersburg, Ava paces in her room until Griffin returns. She lets him in when he knocks and is still surprised he’s there. He lets her know he met a man in a church. They realize the man he met is the man she knows who escaped. Griffin’s eager to escape and gives her the badge he stole when moving Klein next door. Ava’s impressed and rushes out to find her passport. She returns and tries to finish packing while Griffin hounds her. Ava’s not going to rush and make it look like a crime took place. She’s excited to learn he used his medical credentials to gain access to the clinic and decides she’s his patient and they’ll walk out of this.

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priest-helps-Patient6-GH-ABCIn the church the priest tells Patient Six about a boat to America and introduces someone who can help. Patient Six tries to pay with Griffin’s money but it’s refused. A knock interrupts them with yells from the thugs who are still looking for an escaped mental patient. The priest won’t allow violence in his church and encourages Patient Six to leave him to handle them peacefully. Patient Six listens nearby as the priest lets the men in and claims there’s no patient there.

On her terrace, Cassandra refuses to drink alone and invites her assistant to join her. He reminds her she dislikes planes but she knows she can’t be cured anywhere else but Port Charles. She wonders about Finn and his companion while her assistant worries about those who mix business with pleasure. Cassandra assures him this time will be different.

Ava and Griffin get settled on the plane. He jokes about how calm she was as they left the clinic while she enjoys a drink. They tense up when an announcement of a security delay interrupts them.

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