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At Wyndemere, Valentin surprises Nina with an anniversary gift, an extravagant necklace, to commemorate the night they first met. Valentin knew from that first night there was something special about her. They kiss and have sex on the couch. Afterwards they look to their future and raising Charlotte. Valentin hopes they can have it, because one obstacle still remains in the way of their happiness. Valentin knows Lulu will not stop until she has full custody of Charlotte.

Finn-Anna-Monoco-GH-XJJ In Monte Carlo, Finn and Anna sit at a café and discuss taking down Cassandra Pierce. She tells him he should go and meet Casandra, and gives him a gift to present to her. She says it is herbal tea to boost the immune system. He hopes she didn’t lace it with something. Finn takes off.

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At the clinic in Russia, Klein tells Ava that she will not be given another treatment, and is not allowed to leave the clinic because she aided Patient Six’s escape. Ava elbows him in the stomach and makes a break for the door, but a large orderly, (played by Pat Frey), stops her. Ava warns Klein that Valentin Cassadine knows where she is and he will eventually call here, but Klein isn’t worried about Valentin right now, and locks Ava in her room. Klein later returns with a syringe to drug Ava.

Patient-Six-Father-GH-XJJ In the church, Patient Six calls Sam’s phone, which Jason answers and asks who is calling. Patient Six hangs up. Two thugs appear, so Patient Six hides. They question Griffin and ask if he has seen a man in scrubs. Griffin says he did, but he ran out. The men leave, and Patient Six thanks Griffin. Griffin explains he’s looking for someone who is a patient in a clinic, and wonders if he came from the place. Patient Six gives him directions, and Griffin thanks him by giving him some money to help him out. Later the priest provides Patient Six with some clothes and shoes. Patient Six thanks him, and tells him that he needs to get home, but doesn’t have a passport. The priest may have a way to help him and asks Patient Six to wait. Patient Six changes into his new clothes and says a prayer to God. He asks God to help him get home to his family. The priest returns and has made arrangements to get him home, but needs to know where he wants to go.

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Sam-Jason-kiss-GH-XJJ At GH, Jason tells Sam about the puzzling call she got. She looks at her phone and discovers it is from Griffin. She thinks it could be about one of them given their medical history, so she decides to call him back. She is unable to reach Griffin, but another doctor on staff tells her that her test results came back and she is fine. Jason can see something is bothering Sam. She admits that she is worried without the danger in his life that he will slowly die because it is who he is. Jason points out that he almost died twice in five years and they can’t live like that anymore. He pulls Sam close to his chest and admits there was a time when danger fueled him, but now he has to put his family first because that is what a man does. Later a doctor examines Jason and tells him he can go home.

Finn meets Cassandra at her place in Monte Carlo. She asks if he looked through her files. He did, and she assumes he thinks it is all in her head like all the others. Finn believes she could be suffering from three or four neurological ailments. However, he is unable to treat her here because he’s not licensed in France, she’ll need to come to Port Charles. She is unsure about leaving, because she hasn’t been out of the city in years, so he leaves her his card and tells her to think about it.

Finn returns to the café and fills Anna in on how things went, and that he feels Cassandra isn’t interested in leaving Monte Carlo. He feels this whole mission is over and they will never see Cassandra again.

Back at Wyndemere, Nina notices the time and has to rush off to a meeting. Valentin receives a call from Cassandra and asks him to tell her all about Dr. Hamilton Finn of Port Charles.

Griffin rushes into Ava’s room at the clinic as Klein approaches Ava with a syringe. He pushes Klein to the bed and injects him with his own syringe. Klein convulses and collapses to the floor.

On the next General Hospital:

Finn asks Anna if she has a plan B.

Cassandra tells Valentin over the phone they have urgent matters to discuss, things of mutual interest.

Griffin instructs Ava, who is packing, to leave her luggage and, “get the hell out of this place.”

The father has arranged for Patient Six to escape on a ship.

Laura surprises Valentin by holding him at gunpoint and asks, “Is this how it felt when you held a gun on my son?”

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