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Nelle drags Michael into her place. He confronts her for lying about the ring and demands she give it back to the Grants. She refuses and wants to keep it to spite them. Michael doesn’t believe her and suggests she give back the ring to get the Grants to back off. He’s starting to think his grandmother might be right about her. They argue about trust. He doesn’t think she’s a killer but needs to come to term with things. She says he can stay and search her stuff while she goes to work. Michael insists he only wants to help and walks out.

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Alexis tells Sam to back off-GH-ABCAt the hospital, Alexis’ shoe breaks and she falls on Dr. Bensch. Watching this, Sam calls Jason and says she’ll be heading over soon. She walks over to the doctor and her mom to remark on what a great dancer Alexis is. The doctor walks off to get the lawyer a new shoe and Alexis asks her daughter to back off. She’s not ready to put herself out there. Sam assumes she’s afraid Julian will find out and asks her not to close herself to love. Sam heads off as Bensch returns. The doctor tries asking Alexis out. She lists her flaws. He’s not bothered so she agrees to a date.

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Ava asks what's happening-GH-ABCAt the clinic in St Petersburg, Patient Six escapes and the staff start searching for him. Dr. Klein finds Ava’s earring and guesses she must have helped him. He heads to her room to confront her. She claims she lost it while looking for a paperclip. He threatens to throw her out before they finish fixing her face. The doctor walks out and argues with someone on the phone about Patient Six getting away. When he returns to Ava’s room, she begs him to keep up her treatment.

Patient Six asks for a favor-GH-ABCIn an alley, Patient Six bumps into a priest, who notices he has no shoes and offers him help. They head into the church to get some shoes. Patient Six hides as Griffin shows up, asking for a place to pray. When the priest leaves the two men alone, Six comes out and asks Griffin for a favor. He needs to make a call so Griffin hands him a phone.

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Jason asks why Franco visited him-GH-ABCAt the clinic in Port Charles, Franco shows up in Jason’s room with balloons and a stuffed bear. Jason makes it clear that he knows Franco was talking to him when he was in a coma. He said they were related by blood. Franco assures him he was just rambling. Jason asks about the photograph and Franco assures him it was nothing. When Mr. Morgan assumes there’s more, Franco explains that the kid was his imaginary friend, only he was real. They agree to forget about this but Jason still wants to see the photo. Franco says he lost it and walks it, bumping into Sam on the way. Her husband fills her in about his chat with Franco. She gets a call about her car alarm going off. After she leaves, Patient Six calls him.

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