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Michael-questions-Nelle-GH-ABCOn the bridge, Nelle confirms to Michael that she was engaged and later investigated for her fiancé’s murder. Nelle couldn’t tell him about Zack knowing that no one would trust her again. Tearfully, she recounts their trip and Zack’s drowning. Zack’s parents blamed her since the plug to Zack’s kayak was missing. Michael’s certain there must be a reason Zack’s parents got the police involved. Nelle admits Zack made her beneficiary. Michael asks, “Did you love Zack?” Nelle thought she did, but she didn’t know much about love then. Michael wants Nelle to go to the hospital and she agrees. He wishes Jason could offer advice, but knows he’d tell Michael to trust his instincts. Michael’s sure Nelle didn’t kill Zack.

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Monica-confiding-to-Bobbie-GH-ABCAt GH, Bobbie catches Monica breaking down in tears outside Jason’s room. She’s worried Jason isn’t coming back to them. They both agree it’s senseless having to bury their children or grandchildren too young. Bobbie’s certain Jason’s as strong as they come and reminds her of all they do have. They kibitz over their past predicaments but know they are both smart cookies. Monica appreciates they’ve managed to stay friends and they laugh over their past differences. Bobbie’s alone when Michael pops in to see Jason. She immediately attacks Nelle over Zack’s death. Michael comes out of Jason’s room and stops Bobbie from telling him something he already knows. Bobbie’s surprised he’s defending her and leaves reluctantly. Nelle worries if Michael is okay. He is as long as she’s straight with him. Nelle agrees and admits Michael’s the one who’s shown her what real love is. She says, “I love you Michael.” He loves her too and embraces her. Meanwhile, Bobbie bumps into Monica and jokes how hard it is to watch out for their children when they want their help.

Anna-needs-Finn-GH-ABCAt the Metro Court, Finn threatens to call the cops as Anna tries to break in to talk to him. She stumbles in and sprains her hand when he opens the door. He gets ice and wonders what’s so important that she needed to see him. Anna admits it’s about the intel on the diamond she found. It was stolen by a group headed up by Valentin, aka Theo Hart, and fenced by Cassandra Pierce. Finn wishes Anna luck with following up on her leads while he puts his life back together. Anna needs a doctor’s help since Cassandra is a hypochondriac. Finn declines, he can’t be a spy. Anna reminds him, she’s looking for a doctor. Finn can’t handle something else blowing up in his face and escorts Anna out. Alone he rambles on to Roxie about getting his life together without Hayden and how Anna must be out of her mind.

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Carly-questioning-Sonny-GH-ABCCarly and Sonny find Milo holding Oscar at Carly’s. Milo’s sure Oscar broke in thinking Joss is too young to date. Sonny questions why Oscar thinks it’s a good idea to break into Carly’s. Oscar confesses he was invited over with Joss’ instructions to let him in if she didn’t hear him because of her headphones. Milo doesn’t believe him and accosts Joss with questions when she arrives. Joss looks at Oscar quizzically before explaining her last text to meet her at school didn’t reach Oscar. Milo calms down and Oscar apologizes to Sonny. Sonny advises Oscar to think before he acts and they shake. Joss starts to worry about Milo’s presence. Sonny asks for a word alone with Joss. Alone, Sonny admits he put something in motion that hurt Jason and Milo will be around for a while. Joss is sad and tells Sonny to be careful too. They shake on it. In the next room Carly asks Oscar if his mom knows he’s spending time with Joss, and that her stepfather is Sonny. Later Carly and Sonny share a bottle of wine alone and discuss how they’ll handle Oscar’s mom when the time comes. After, Sonny’s surprised Carly’s still worried about Nelle. He doesn’t believe she’s a cold-blooded killer. They’ve nothing to worry about, especially now that he’s holding onto his territory.

Joss-and-Oscar-GH-ABCLater, on the bridge, Joss tries to give Oscar an out if he wants to break things off between them while Milo stands nearby. He sees that Milo is protective of Joss but he likes being with her. Joss likes being with him too. They kiss. He pulls away, sorry, thinking they should be careful since Milo’s watching. Joss hopes Sonny can solve his business problems soon. Oscar catches the last firefly of summer. They make a wish and let it go.

At home, Anna calls Robert and assures him that she will get Finn to cooperate.

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