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Kiki drops by Ava’s place to check on her mom. She notices Ava is wearing a new blouse and seems so energized. Ava has realized that she shouldn’t hide out in her apartment when she is free and Julian isn’t. Kiki has to get back to the hospital, so Ava accompanies her because she has a therapy appointment.

Griffin-patient-GH-ABC At GH, Griffin checks on a young patient, Marisol, who he took care of during the bomb scare. Marisol’s father explains that her headaches have returned, which is why they brought her back. Griffin leaves to run some tests, and runs into Dr. Bench, who had already ordered some. Bench gives him the results. Ava and Kiki walk up, and see Griffin is visibly upset. Kiki gets back to work, and Griffin opens up to Ava about the bad news he has to deliver to a patient. Meanwhile, Liz finds Sam standing in the ER covered in blood and asks what happened. Sam, who is in shock, tells her about Jason’s shooting.

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At the Floating Rib, Bobbie shows Carly the news article on Nelle, and fills her in on what Felicia learned about the case. Carly still refuses to tell Michael about this because it will only cause anger and resentment.

Valentin-Nina-bed-GH-ABC At the photo shoot in Morocco, Michael asks Nelle out for a moonlit camel ride. However, she can’t leave because Nina has trusted her with this assignment. In Valentin’s tent, Nina takes a call and is told the sapphire necklace has gone missing. She tells them that is impossible given the security around it and tells the person to check again. Later, the assistant from Crimson arrives and apologizes for interrupting, but she cannot find the necklace. Nina returns to the photo shoot, with Valentin in tow, and informs Dillon and Nelle that the sapphire necklace is missing. Nina spots the photo of Nelle wearing it on Dillon’s laptop, and Dillon explains it was for some test shots. Michael-Morocco-GH-ABC Nelle swears she put the necklace back in the case, and thinks Nina thinks she stole it. Nina tells her that until the necklace is found everyone is a suspect. Nina storms out and Valentin follows. Michael walks through what happened with Nelle and Dillon to try and figure things out. Nelle admits she was alone when she returned the necklace to the case and nobody saw her do it. She asks Michael if he believes her. Meanwhile, Valentin and Nina return to his tent, and Nina has to call the police to report the necklace may have been stolen. After the call, Nina notices Valentin is missing.

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Sonny goes down to the station to give a statement to Dante about the shooting. He can’t believe he was foolish enough to think he could get out of the business without anyone getting hurt. Later, Sonny calls Carly and tells her to get to the hospital because Jason’s been shot.

shocked-Monica-GH-ABC Back at GH, Monica finds Sam and Liz in the waiting room and learns about her son. Suddenly they hear Jason’s monitors from behind the curtain begin to sound, so Monica rushes in to check on him. Sonny arrives to comfort Sam, who blames herself for what happened. Monica returns and reveals Jason is stable for now and is going to be taken to surgery. Carly arrives, and she too tries to assure Sam this isn’t her fault. Jason asks to see Sam, but she still has blood on her, so she goes to the bathroom to clean herself up. Sonny and Carly sit with Jason. He asks them to look after Sam for him, and for Sonny not to let his guard down. Sonny tells him that he’ll handle the business and Jason needs to focus on getting better. Later, Sam sees Jason, and thanks him for saving her life. He laughs that it was his pleasure. She reminds him of the surgery he had on his brain aneurism in order to live for her, and she needs him to do that again. Jason is taken to surgery, but promises Sam that he’s coming back. Elsewhere, Ava takes Griffin’s hand and offers him comfort. He asks Marisol’s father to speak with him in the hall. Meanwhile, Kiki thanks Dr. Bench for the recommendation to medical school. He reminds her how difficult the program will be, and invites her to join him on his rounds later. Kiki rushes back to her mother to tell her about Bench’s invitation. Ava knows she will make an excellent doctor, because she has compassion. Kiki spots Griffin with Marisol’s father, and Ava explains he’s breaking the news of Marisol’s condition to him.

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