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Maxie-confronts-Amy-GH-ABC Maxie confronts Amy and Nathan at the Metro Court and slaps her husband. She tells Amy if she wants her husband then she can share the slap, and smacks her. Nathan forces Maxie into Quinn’s room before someone calls security on them. He explains he isn’t having an affair, but admits he has been lying to her. He and Amy confess everything about the Man Landers scheme to help Amy’s brother Chet. Maxie understands, so Amy leaves them to talk. Maxie asks Nathan why he couldn’t tell her about any of this. He felt like the timing was never right. Nathan has decided to move to Portland to be with her, but she reveals she quit to move back home to be with him. They kiss. Down in the restaurant, Carly meets up with Joss to discuss Sonny. Carly wants them to move back in with him. Joss is still angry with Sonny for what he did to her dad, but agrees so they can be a family again and find some peace. Joss thinks grandma might not take the news very well, and decides to go to the library to get a jump start on schoolwork.

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At the Floating Rib, Felicia shows Bobbie the dirt she found on Janelle Benton, aka Nelle. Nelle was once engaged and her fiancé drowned a month before their wedding during a sea kayaking trip. Nelle claimed it was an accident, but the plug from the man’s kayak was missing. Zack, the fiancé, was wealthy and had made Nelle his beneficiary when they got engaged. Bobbie hates Nelle, but doesn’t know if she is a killer. Felicia says the family believes it, and they tied their son’s will up in probate so Nelle never saw a penny. Later, Felicia leaves when Carly arrives to talk to Bobbie. Bobbie warns Carly that there is a problem, and she’s afraid for Michael because Nelle is dangerous. Bobbie tells Carly to brace herself.

Valentin-loves-Nina-GH-ABC In Morocco, Nina is called off to a meeting, so Dillon and Nelle work on a photo shoot involving several models and necklaces. An assistant arrives to help, and messes up all the different jewelry sets, so Nelle sends her off to prep the models while she sorts out the jewels. One particular diamond and sapphire necklace stuns her with its beauty. She tries it on, and Dillon convinces her to pose for some test shots. She does, and he tells her that her test shots are actually really good and wonders why they need the models. Nelle can’t believe this is her life right now, and opens up about growing up with her father and having next to nothing. She admits that’s why she hated Carly so much, because she appeared to have everything. Dillon assures her money can’t buy happiness, but Nelle remains fixated on the necklace. Elsewhere, Nina arrives at an elaborate tent to meet the Minister of Culture for tea, and is shocked when it turns out to be Valentin. He conned her because he wants her answer about their future and marriage. Nina gives Valentin her answer with a kiss. She tells him that she loves him and wants to be with him. He produces her rings, which he admits to stealing from her office, and puts them back on her finger. Valentin carries her over to the bed in the tent where they have passionate sex. As they lounge in bed, Nina gets a call and is told there is an issue with the photo shoot. The sapphire necklace is missing.

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At the warehouse, Sam walks in on the showdown between Sonny, Max, Jason and Petrov. Petrov shoots at Sam, but Jason dives in front of her and takes the bullet square in the chest. Sonny quickly takes out Petrov. Max calls for the paramedics, and Sonny helps Sam keep pressure on Jason’s wound. The paramedics arrive and work to stabilize Jason before transport. They also check on Petrov, who is dead. Dante arrives on the scene to gather evidence, and Sonny and Max explain what happened. Jason is loaded onto a gurney as Sam begs him to stay with her.

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